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Fortnite Postcard Tour quest walkthrough

Here's where to find all five landmarks.

Fortnite's Postcard Tour tasks you with tracking down five landmarks based on clues.

These five clues tease the location of five sites in Fortnite you have to visit. Get close enough to the target being described, and you'll complete the quest.

Here's how to complete the Fortnite Postcard Tour, as well as some details on what you'll get as a reward.

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Fortnite Postcard Tour quest walkthrough

There are five clues to solve as part of Fortnite's Postcard Tour quest. You can find them in your quest log, with the first being: "In the city, there is a warrior made of lights". You see, this teases a specific location that you must travel to in order to complete part one of the quest. We've marked all five locations on the map below, and will then go into more detail on each.

You'll see numbers next to each location on the map. They correspond to the following clues:

  1. In the city there is a masked warrior made of lights
  2. These boats bring cargo
  3. Swim where the water heals
  4. There's a tree where the three seasons collide
  5. In the ice cave, look for the tower

Fortnite Postcard Tour "In the city there is a warrior made of lights"

This first clue requires you to go to Mega City. Near its centre, you will see a giant neon samurai. Just get close to it, use the ziplines and grind rails if you have to. Getting close will trigger the real quest, which is to emote inside the hologram.

Fortnite Postcard Tour "These boats bring cargo"

This clue points to the stretch of water to the South of Mega City. You'll find a cargo ship here. Emote on the boat.

Fortnite Postcard Tour "Swim where the water heals"

This clue refers to the hot springs found at Steamy Springs. These will actually heal you if you jump into them. Emote at the hot springs.

Fortnite Postcard Tour: "There's a tree where the three seasons collide"

The Herald Tree can be found right where the snow (white), autumn (yellow) and spring (green) biomes meet. Look for a tree that looks like The Herald, a character from Chapter 3 of Fortnite. Emote at the tree.

Fortnite Postcard Tour "In the ice cave, look for the tower"

Finally, head to the mountain northwest of Brutal Bastion. There is an ice cave here, containing a large clocktower. Make sure to use the Holo Chests in this area if you have Keys to spare. Emote near the clocktower.

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Fortnite Postcard Tour rewards

You'll get 25,000 XP for completing each part of the Postcard Tour quest in Fortnite. This is a hefty amount, so it's a good idea to go after the Postcard Tour quest if you're looking to level up fast.

That's how to complete the Postcard Tour in Fortnite. For more help with the current set of challenges, check out our guide on how to use the ODM Gear.

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