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How to score Trick Points using a Bike in Fortnite

There are two bikes you can use for this challenge

Score Trick Points using a Bike is currently a quest in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Bikes have been littered all over Fortnite's map, and are a great way to get around in style. As a nice bonus, you can even pull off tricks while riding them, and you'll complete a challenge for doing so.

Here's how to score Trick Points on a Bike in Fortnite, as well as some tips on finding one in the first place.

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Where to find a Bike in Fortnite

There are two kinds of Bike to choose from in Fortnite. The first is the Rogue Bike, which is primarily used for its speed. While it is possible to get air and score Trick Points on this Bike, it is extremely difficult and time consuming. We recommend using the other bike instead, but if you're set on the Rogue Bike, head to Mega City to find one.

The Bike you'll want to use for this challenge is the Dirt Bike. Main roads can have Dirt Bikes, but there's no way to tell without exploring a little and finding them yourself. The winter/snow biome tends to have high Dirt Bike spawns, so we recommend heading to the area circled on the map below. There are three Dirt Bike spawns here, and while they don't always spawn every game, you have a great chance at finding one.

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How to score Trick Points using a Bike in Fortnite

To score Trick Points using a Bike you will first need to get some air. That means driving off of high areas, or using one of the many ramps now scattered around the map. To help things, hold the jump button before you reach your jump point. Release it to launch the bike into the air. While in the air, hold circle/B/Build Button to do a trick. Directional input from the left analogue stick will change what trick you do.

Now you just need to land the trick. Make sure both wheels connect as you land, and that you don't hit any objects on the way down. You will see a points counter to the left of the screen. If you mess up the landing, you will see 'Wipeout' in big red letters. These Wipeout tricks will not be added to your total score.

To complete the score Trick Points quest, just keep landing tricks and filling up the total until you've hit the limit. Your progress can be tracked in the Quests tab. Upon completion you will earn 15K XP and progress towards your Weekly quests total.

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