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How to put up Where's Miles posters in Fortnite

You'll need to put up three posters in total.

'Put up Where's Miles posters' is a Seasonal Quest that's currently live in Fortnite.

You see, Fortnite is about to have its very own multiversal crossover event with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and things are gearing up with some Miles Morales-related fun.

Here's how to put up Where's Miles posters in Fortnite, including a look at the specific locations where they can be put up.

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How to put up Where's Miles Posters in Fortnite

To put up Where's Miles posters in Fortnite you will need to visit three of the seven locations detailed below, and interact with the blank poster icons you find there. There are two at Mega City, two at Shattered Slabs, two at Slappy Shores, and one in a building to the northwest of Brutal Bastion. You can see these all marked on the map below:

Fortnite Where's Miles poster locations

There are seven locations where you can put up Where's Miles posters in Fortnite. You can find info on each below. Note that we'll be going clockwise using the main map mentioned previously, starting at the top (snow biome):

Northwest of Brutal Bastion (Solitary Shrine)

This Where's Miles can be found at the Southern entrance to this building. If you fancy it, you can also go up to the hill overlooking the area to hire an NPC that will periodically scan for enemies.

Slappy Shores 1

You can put up a Where's Miles poster underneath one of the large factory buildings in Slappy Shores. There are grind rails in this area now, which can help you travel quickly from building to building.

Slappy Shores 2

Now to head to the centre of Slappy Shores. You can put up another poster next to the bridge. There's often a Slurp truck parked here, which can be used to gain a ton of health.

Mega City 1

This poster location can be found on the lower levels of Mega City. Just head to the spot shown in the image above

Mega City 2

Now, head West to find another Wheres Miles poster spot. Be careful here, given that the Highcard Boss will spawn nearby each match. This tends to draw in players.

Shattered Slabs 1

Now for Shattered Slabs. There's a spot on the Southern edge of the area. This is also a potential zone for the Highcard boss to spawn in.

Shattered Slabs 2

Finally, there's another Where's Miles poster spot near where the vault is in Shattered Slabs. Use the zipline nearby to make a quick getaway once you put up the poster.

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Rewards for putting up Where's Miles posters in Fortnite

For putting up three Where's Miles posters in Fortnite you will complete a Seasonal Quest, giving you 12K XP as well as progress towards your overall Seasonal Quest rewards. These deal out even more XP after you've completed a set of Quests. A great way to boost your Battle Pass levels, no doubt.

Have fun putting up Where's Miles posters in Fortnite!

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