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Fortnite Fishing - how to catch a weapon and fishing locations explained, including fish chart

How to fish, and find a gun by doing so, in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter Two has followed video game tradition and has brought fishing to the battle royale format.

Now, rather than shooting your opponents, you can calmly fish the hours away or, at least, until the storm catches up with you.

Fishing locations can be found across the Fortnite map and, if you're lucky enough, you might even catch a weapon.

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How to find a fishing rod in Fortnite

Before you start fishing , you need to find yourself a fishing rod. Luckily there are a couple of ways to find one.

Fishing rods can be found in chests or simply on the ground like weapons.

The easiest way, however, to find a fishing rod is to look for a barrel containing them.

These barrels are scattered across the map, but can always be found near bodies of water.

Look for a barrel containing a number of fishing rods. When you find one, interact with it and you'll receive a couple of fishing rods.

These barrels contain fishing rods.

Picking up a fishing rod will place it in your inventory as if it were a gun.

Fishing locations in Fortnite explained

Fishing locations appear randomly throughout any body of water on the Fortnite map.

Each fishing location is pretty easy to spot too - they're circle of white water, with fish visibly swimming beneath them.

You might even see a couple fish jumping out of the water at certain fishing locations.

Fishing locations will eventually disappear after you've caught a certain number of fish from them.

How to catch a weapon by fishing in Fortnite

Once you have a fishing rod and have found a fishing location, it's time, finally, to fish.

Fishing in Fortnite is quite easy.

Firstly, make sure you have your fishing rod equipped. Sadly, you can't shoot the fish in Fortnite. (Yet.)

Next, press the action button. This will allow you to pick both the height and the length of your cast. Ideally you want to aim for the middle of your selected fishing location.

Once your casting measurements are to your liking, let go of the action button to let go of the rod.

If you miss the fishing location, then simply reel in the line by pressing the action button again and recast.

If you hit the fishing location, then all you have to do is wait till the end of your line catches a fish.

You'll know when this happens because you'll hear a splashing sound and the end of your line will briefly go underwater.

Wait for the red float to go underwater.

When this happens, quickly reel in your line to retrieve your catch.

You can catch anything from a new gun to a fish in Fortnite.

Eating the fish you caught will provide you with various boosts. The Slurpfish, for example, will grant you a portion of shield.

If you're looking for a gun for the New World challenge, then simply keep fishing until you find one.

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Fortnite Fish Chart

Outside of guns, fishing in Fortnite will also net you a variety of different fish.

Eating a fish takes 1 second and each one will give you a bonus - be it some regained health or a boost to your shield.

Below you'll find a chart of the fish currently available in Fortnite:

FishNoneEffectCarry Limit
Regain 50 Health4
Mythical Goldfish
Instantly kill an opponent 1
Rusty Can
Cause 20 damage10
Regain 50 Health or 50 Shield3
Small Fry
Regain 25 Health, but only if Health is beneath 75%6