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How to make peppermint tea in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn the recipe to this 2-Star appetizer.

Peppermint tea is a 2-Star appetizer in Disney Dreamlight Valley that was added in the June 2023 update.

You can make it as a gift, as part of orders in Remy's restaurant, and for certain questlines, Dreamlight Duties, and Star Path challenges. To help with your cooking needs, we've detailed exactly how to make peppermint tea in Disney Dreamlight Valley below.

For more help in the valley, we've got pages on all recipes, critters, and how to place multiple player homes.

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How to make peppermint tea in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It can be hard to work out what exactly goes into peppermint tea if you don't already have the recipe. You might need to make it as a gift, for a meal in Remy's restaurant, as part of a quest, Star Path challenge, or just want to complete your meals collection.

For those that don't have the recipe, here's the recipe to make peppermint tea in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Mint

Remember, you also need coal and at least one space in your inventory to make a dish.

Once you've made peppermint tea once, you can go to 'Recipes' next time, from the top left-hand corner while cooking, then select the peppermint tea recipe and press 'Autofill' to automatically add ingredients to the pot as long as you have them.

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Where to find ingredients to make peppermint tea recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find Lemons for peppermint tea growing on small trees in the Glade of Trust, and the Forest of Valor. You get three lemons per tree, and it takes about half and hour for them to grow back.

To get mint in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to pick the green stems found in the ground of the Frosted Heights. This might be one of the last biomes you unlock, however, as it costs a hefty 10,000 Dreamlight to clear the large Night Thorns around it.

If you want to get extra ingredients to make lots of peppermint tea, make sure you hang out with a character who you've assigned the foraging bonus to. You won't always get extra materials this way, but the higher a character's friendship level, the higher the chance they'll find extra resources for you.

For more cooking help, you can check out our recipe list.

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