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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - The Cost of Betrayal choice: Both kill or spare final boss outcomes for Wrath of the Druids explained

What happens during either choice at the end of the DLC story.

The Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids final boss may come across as a shock for some players. After all, you find out who the bad guy is trying to kill your appointed High King of Ireland, everything should be pretty happy families now, right?

Alongside the reveal is a choice - whether to Spare or Kill that individual - which has slightly different outcomes as you reach the other side of the story.

This page explains how the choice comes about and both The Cost of Betrayal Spare of Kill choices explained.

Note there are spoilers for the final moments of the Wrath of the Druids storyline on this page - so only read on if you prefer to keep things under wraps until then.

On this page:

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The context behind the final Spare or Kill choice in The Cost of Betrayal explained

After a meeting including all the kings of Ireland, High King Flann Sinna ultimately decides that the druids living in Ireland will either need to disband, or face the sword.

That decision isn't something which Ciara agrees with due to her and her family following druidic traditions for generations - and in a fit of rage, she rushes off to the Lia Fáil stone in order to fight back against Flann's betrayal.

What follows is Eivor and Flann riding to Tara where the stone is located and a boss fight ensues. First they'll have to deal with a wave of enemies, and then Eivor will have to fight a mind-controlled Flann and then...the real boss fight happens between Eivor and Ciara.

Ciara is a quick, controlled enemy that will use both her druidic powers, as well as her dual-wield daggers. She's easy to dodge, and working against her through the use of your various Eivor abilities will make her simple to defeat.

The Cost of Betrayal's Kill or Spare choice in Assassin's Creed Valhalla explained

Once you defeat Ciara, she'll explain that her actions were out of protecting her druidic family and tradition and not out of her desire to kill Eivor or Flann.

Despite being remorseful however, she'll beg Eivor to kill her to stop Druidic cults like The Children of Danu from using her and the stone for evil.

It's at this point you'll get two options: an honourable death for Ciara, or telling her you can't kill her.

What happens if you Spare Ciara in Assassin's Creed Valhalla's The Cost of Betrayal

If you tell Ciara that you won't kill her, Eivor will suggest another option - destroying the Lia Fáil stone so that no Druidic cults can get their hands on Ciara and force her to use the stone. Ciara will agree and the stone will be destroyed.

Flann will come to and apologize for his rash decision on culling the Druids, and will revoke his decision. This pleases Ciara, but she chooses to walk away from Flann's court and live her life elsewhere.

Afterwards in Dublin, Flann tells Eivor the Inquisition against the Druids is ended and they are always welcome in Ireland.

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What happens if you Kill Ciara in Assassin's Creed Valhalla's The Cost of Betrayal

If you decide that Ciara is right and that the only way to protect everyone is to kill her, you'll put her down in front of Flann. In his grief at his rash decision causing the death of someone he loved, Flann will destroy the Lia Fáil stone.

After this, everything plays out pretty much the same way. Flann will still end the Inquisition and pledge to protect the druids that aren't the Children of Danu, and will still tell Eivor they are welcome in Ireland any time.

The only real difference is that Ciara is dead. Which...isn't much of a difference considering you never see Ciara ever again, anyway.

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