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Gotham Knights' next patch takes aim at those "performance challenges"

A Mystic Leap in the right direction?

Warner Bros. Montréal has released a PC patch for Gotham Knights addressing some of the game's current issues, with the next console update coming towards the end of the week.

Since its launch, Gotham Knights has faced a series of issues, with frame-rate drops, stutters, and frame-rate time fluctuations being reported across the board.

"We are aware that players on both PC and console have been experiencing performance challenges," the developer admitted earlier today, with an accompanying thread offering an overview of the game's upcoming fixes.

Gotham Knights - the Digital Foundry video review.Watch on YouTube

Firstly, the latest PC patch will address a range of general fixes such as "keyboard input issues, co-op matchmaking via invites, and stability as it relates to game crashes throughout the title."

You can see the full notes for this particular patch in the image below.

The latest PC patch notes for Gotham Knights.

Meanwhile, the developer has said it will provide more concrete details on its next console patch closer to its release, but stated it will address a "mix" of fixes that the game needs.

In addition to these smaller patches, WB Montréal is also working on a larger patch for Gotham Knights that will "improve performance overall and give [players] the best possible experience." This patch will specifically aim to address the game's "challenges with frame rate stability" on consoles.

Despite its obvious shortcomings, Donlan did manage to find some pleasure during his time with Gotham Knights. In his review, he called it a "slight muddle of a game," but one that still had plenty of "charm" tucked away in the corners.

"Video games are huge undertakings, and when you're dealing with a massive, billion dollar licence, maybe the people making the games don't get to make all the decisions and set all the parameters. Maybe they don't get the budget they need for a truly vibrant open-world. Maybe they don't get the time to polish the combat and stop people slipping around on the floor. Maybe they have to trade the Batmobile for a bike," he wrote.

"But they can add charm. They can throw in a joke here, a funny email there, and leave it all behind a concealed door and wait for you to discover it."

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