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Gotham Knights has been rated for Nintendo Switch

Knights out.

Surprise! It looks like Gotham Knights is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Until now, the game has only been playable on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, but according to an update to the North American ratings board the ESRB, it looks like the action-RPG will shortly be making an appearance on Nintendo Switch, too.

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As spotted by the eagle-eyed folks on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, nothing else about the rating listing has changed beyond the sneaky addition of "Nintendo Switch" to the platform list.

Citing some blood staining, violence, fighting animations, alcohol references, and an in-game autopsy, the action game gets a "Teen" rating from the classification board.

The ESRB doesn't typical rate cloud versions, so all signs point to this being a native port rather than a streamable version that will simply be playable on Switch.

Interestingly, noted leaker Pyoro has been full of Nintendo secrets recently, too, spoiling several other surprises Nintendo may have up its sleeve, including – look away now if you'd like to avoid spoilers – rumours of Super Princess Peach, Mario vs. DK, and F-Zero 99. Guess we'll find out one way or the other at the next Nintendo Direct presentation.

We also learned earlier today that Singapore's rating board, the IMDA, has rated an unannounced version of Horizon Forbidden West.

"Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition" popped up on the IMDA's website, having been approved for a "M18" – that's a mature 18 – given its "sexual references". The bundle includes both the base game and its expansion, Burning Shores.

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