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Gotham Knights' latest patch adds a tough new 15-floor Heroic Assault raid

Plus improved accessibility options and more.

Warner Bros' co-op action-adventure Gotham Knights has just received another update, this one bringing fixes, accessibility improvements, and a surprise new 15-floor Heroic Assault raid.

Gotham Knights, of course, recieved a lukewarm reception when it launched last October, with particularly stern words being saved for its myriad technical issues. Since then, developer Warner Bros Montreal has been tinkering under the hood to improve the experience - with notable success, as Digital Foundry noted recently - making today's update the latest in a long line of patches.

With most of the game's glaring technical issues seemingly now resolved, its latest update - which notably features accessibility improvements such as controller remapping, improved screen-reader support, and button press toggles, as detailed in the accompanying patch notes - is less about fixes and more about new content.

Gotham Knights's Heroic Assault challenges arrived at the end of last year.Watch on YouTube

Specifically, it introduces a new 15-floor raid for Gotham Knights' separate Heroic Assault mode that Warner Bros is calling The Kelvin Incident. This includes new story content focused on Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface, and becomes available in New Game Plus or after unlocking the raid area and defeating all the side villain missions.

By working through The Kelvin Incident - which introduces tougher enemy variants - players can unlock new materials and a new tier of stronger gear, known as Mythic gear, exclusive to the raid. It also brings an unlockable new suit transmog and four new batcycle transmogs.

The Kelvin Incident is available now on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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