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Xbox Game Pass sees September out with plenty of day one additions

Lies of P! Party Animals! Payday 3!

Duck, corgi and dinosaur characters in Party Animals hold on for dear life as gravity attempts to suck them into a a black hole
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Xbox has announced the next wave of games to join the Game Pass library.

The second half of September is chock full of games available on day one with Game Pass, including Soulslike Lies of P which is already out on cloud, console and PC. We gave it three out of five stars in our review, Caelyn Ellis called it "an enjoyable experience for those in need of a FromSoft fix".

Tomorrow, multiplayer party game Party Animals joins Game Pass on day one on cloud and console. I had a blast playing Party Animals with Ed and Victoria for a preview a few months back. It's difficult to not enjoy a game with cute animals, floppy physics, and oversized weapons.

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Later this week, Payday 3 will join Game Pass on day one on 21st September for cloud, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Ian went hands-on with Payday 3 back in June and found developer Starbreeze has made huge improvements to the series' formula.

On 29th September, recursive puzzle game Cocoon will be available to play day one on console and PC. Cocoon is helmed by Jeppe Carlsen, whose previous credits include Limbo and Inside. Chris Tapsell was thoroughly impressed with Cocoon's demo at Summer Game Fest this summer.

3rd October sees two more games joining Game Pass. The Lamplighter's League, a turn-based strategy game from the developer of Battletech and the Shadowrun series, is the final day one addition to Game Pass for this wave, and it'll be available on cloud, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Also available from 3rd October is last year's Gotham Knights, which got a mixed response from Christian Donlan in his review. Following a number of patches, Digital Foundry re-reviewed Gotham Knights and found its technical performance was highly improved.

This month's Game Pass leavers have already been noted, and include Weird West, Prodeus, and Outriders. If you want to purchase any of them, you've got until the end of the month to pick these up with a 20 percent discount.

For a full list of Xbox's various subscription tiers and what's included with each, check out our Xbox Game Pass page which we keep up to date.

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