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This streamer made a motion controller for Sifu to live that kung-fu fantasy

Becoming the master.

Sifu already lets you live out your kung-fu fantasy as a 3D beat-em-up. But what if motion controls could really bring that alive?

Streamer Rudeism, known for his weird and wonderful controllers and challenge run streams, has created a motion controller for Sifu as his latest project and streamed the results over the weekend.

How does it work? He wears two gloves that have motion sensors and a stick in each hand for movement. Simply punching the air is enough for light attacks, with other motions used for heavy attacks and parries, and then picking up items and other interactions are done by clicking in the sticks.

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Rudeism streamed just 30 minutes after finishing the controller, noting it could be a little temperamental.

He also played on easy mode - anything higher would've been far too challenging for the controller to keep up with.

He then started a new game and took a while to get into the controls, but he really hit his stride in that side-scrolling OIdboy reference bit of the first level, and the results look really fantastic.

It also looks completely exhausting.

Easy mode was added to Sifu in May, with more content on the way.

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