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The Rock, already in Fortnite, will now be in Fortnite again

Back to Black Adam.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is making a second appearance in Fortnite - this time as his DC Comics alter ego Black Adam.

The Rock, of course, already exists in Fortnite as one of the game's original characters - The Foundation - and has leant his role and likeness to the hero since March last year.

Now he'll appear in character as Black Adam, to tie in with his appearance in the film of the same name, which is set to launch in cinemas next week.

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Epic Games has not played up the fact that Johnson is already a core member of Fortnite's growing cast - one which also includes The Last of Us voice actor Troy Baker and Captain Marvel star Brie Larson.

But this isn't the first time someone has popped up more than once in Fortnite, where multiverse-spanning multimedia tie-ins seem to know no bounds. Tom Holland is already in Fortnite twice - as Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man in a skin which launched alongside No Way Home, and as Sony's youthful Nathan Drake in a skin which launched alongside the recent Uncharted movie.

Holland's co-star Zendaya has also doubled up in Fortnite - in a skin portraying No Way Home's MJ, and as Chani in Dune.

The Rock's Black Adam skin will launch in Fortnite next week. The Foundation, meanwhile, is once again missing in action as Fortnite's Island is taken over by weird Chrome gloop that lets you warp through walls.