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Sony dodges PS Home explanations

Fresh sightings start rumour mill.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network sign-up process with a graphic advertising PlayStation Home, but a Sony spokesperson had no comment to make on that, or the online world's release date, when we rang up to ask.

The box shows an avatar in PlayStation Home with the service's logo underneath, prompting speculation that it's all close to launch - or rather the promised open beta.

An open beta is the next step for Sony, and will presumably determine the actual release date for PlayStation Home, which is now over a year late for its original launch date, and the spring one Kaz Hirai specified at Tokyo Game Show last year.

Still, both Hirai and David Reeves have told us the open beta will roll out this autumn, even now that means losing the attractive video streaming feature.

We actually had a chance to swagger our lifestyle way around PlayStation Home earlier this year. And we quite liked what we saw.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of PlayStation Home to find out more.

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