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Silent Hill 2 Remake has been rated in Korea

There's a rating here…

James in Silent Hill 2 Remake looking through a noose
Image credit: Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 Remake has been rated in Korea.

The highly-anticipated horror game – one of gaming's worst-kept secrets before it was formally revealed back in October 2022 – has been given a mature rating due to, as translated by Google, "excessive violence, excessive blood from hitting and being hit (and there is physical damage such as creatures being separated)", and excessive depictions that some may find fearful and/or disgusting, including "creatures with strangely formed limbs" – a Silent Hill staple, of course.

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While the decision was awarded at the end of last month – 29th February, to be precise – there's no intimation on a release date, and both developer Bloober Team and publisher Konami remain taciturn, only willing to commit to a release by the end of the year.

We can only hope Silent Hill 2 doesn't follow the same pattern as Silent Hill: The Short Message. That similarly first popped up on the Korean ratings board, although it took two years for the game to move from rating to release. It was only last month that the playable teaser – a brief, one-shot experience that I really enjoyed – was finally, officially unveiled and shadow-dropped.

I was less impressed by Silent Hill Ascension, though, writing at launch: "I don't believe that 'Team Silent' - a fabled group of OG Konami developers that never really existed - is sacrosanct any more than I believe a Western team can't make a genuinely unsettling Silent Hill adventure. But right now, Ascension's wobbly infrastructure and uneven progression system make it hard to enjoy and painfully difficult to recommend to anyone other than the most ardent Silent Hill fan, and even they're a vanishing breed right now."

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