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PUBG's new map, Deston, drops next week along with all-new items and features to "diversify gameplay"

Go Deston.

PUBG Ascender Deston Map
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PUBG wants you to check out Deston, "summer's hottest destination" and the first new map to come to the battle royale since it went free-to-play.

Out on 13th July as part of Update 18.2 - initially just for PC, I'm afraid; the console release will follow on 21st July - Deston includes a flooded downtown, a swamp, coastlines, "one of the tallest skyscrapers in the game" as well as the Lodge, the "biggest building ever made" in the game.


The ninth map also includes the new Airboat vehicle and a suite of new "utility items and map features" that aim to "diversify gameplay", including the Ascender, which enables you to climb vertically. You'll be able to visit Deston in the Solo, Duos, Squad TPP and FPP modes.

Deston also introduces a new, exclusive weapon: the O12. A 12-gauge slug shotgun, it boasts "superior accuracy and range compared to any other shotgun to make it more efficient in mid-to-short range encounters".

Keep an eye out for security keys, too, as they can unlock security doors that just may be hiding high-tier loot.

For more, head on over and check out the full patch notes.

DESTON Cinematic Trailer.

A couple of months back, prolific PUBG dataminer, PlayerIGN, allegedly had "PUBG show up at [their] front door". The dataminer revealed that a private investigator turned up at their home and handed them a letter demanding that the leaker's social media posts be removed.

The letter - allegedly from PUBG developer Krafton - also wanted copies of PlayerIGN's direct messages in order to decipher "how [they] got said information".

PUGB - the original, and now free-to-play, battle royale - recently unveiled its 2022 roadmap. Though succinct, the roadmap divides its plans into the categories "world", "ingame", and "outgame". And did you know that upcoming sci-fi horror, The Callisto Protocol, has ditched ties with the PUBG universe?

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