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Looks like a cowboy-themed PUBG game is in the works

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It's hard to keep up with the amount of upcoming sequels and spin-offs for the PUBG universe - there's that futuristic new mobile title called PUBG: New State, and space horror game The Callisto Protocol, which looks like a spiritual successor to Dead Space. And now there seems to be a western-themed PUBG game codenamed Project Cowboy on the way.

PUBG Patch 12.1 Features

South Korean media outlet Bloter spotted job adverts on Krafton's website for an "open-world shooting game" that will release on console and PC as an independent title (via Google Translate). Krafton apparently told Bloter that "Project Cowboy is a new IP game for Battleground developed by Krafton". PUBG dataminer PlayerIGN described it as "PUBG's western custom mode" with "old west guns only".

Eurogamer contacted Krafton for comment, and was told the company has "nothing to share on Project Cowboy as of now".

It's all a bit mysterious, but PUBG Corp has been open about wanting to expand the PUBG universe with new titles, and it seems Project Cowboy could be one of them. It sounds like this one will certainly revolver-round existing PUBG lore.

Meanwhile, regular old PUBG is set to get quite a few updates this year - including two new maps and a Miramar remaster.

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