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MultiVersus best fighters for beginners

Sufferin' succotash!

MultiVersus is the brand new party brawler that brings in fighters from iconic WB franchises like Batman, Scooby Doo and Adventure Time.

While MultiVersus is certainly more approachable than some of its competitors, there are a handful of characters that will be especially tough to get to grips with early on.

Instead, you should focus on a small selection of fighters that are much friendlier for beginner's. These generally have simpler movesets that allow you to learn the flow of the game without losing too often. Here's the best MultiVersus fighters for beginner players.

The MultiVersus beta will be shutting down on Sunday 25th June 2023 until the game is ready for its full launch. If you'd like to learn more, visit our MultiVersus beta closing page.

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Best MultiVersus fighters for beginners

When picking a fighter in MultiVersus, you won't have access to the full roster at first. Instead, there are only a few characters to choose from, and additional fighters must be purchased with Coins. From this original selection, we recommend picking Superman.

By working your way through the starting challenges, you'll easily earn enough Coins to purchase another fighter. Once you've collected 2000 Coins, you should either pick Harley Quinn or Shaggy. More details can be found on each fighter below. For now, the following fighters are the best for MultiVersus beginners:

  • Superman - Tank/Hybrid
  • Harley Quinn - Assassin/Vertical (must spend 2000 Coins to unlock)
  • Shaggy - Bruiser/Hybrid (must spend 1500 Coins to unlock)

If you pick either of these three fighters when starting out in MultiVersus you will be able to measure up to the competition as you learn the ropes. Let's go into more detail on why each is such a great choice for beginners.

Superman moveset in MultiVersus explained

Superman's character selection screen in MultiVersus
Image credit: WB Games

Superman is our first pick for best beginner fighter in MultiVersus. For one, he's available from the very start, meaning you'll be able to jump right into the fray after loading up the game. The reason Superman is such a great fighter to start with is that he is extremely good at close range. He's a tank character, meaning it takes a lot of damage to launch him, allowing you to deal damage and dodge around enemies without having to worry about being knocked around the stage.

Superman's special attacks are particularly forgiving too, and are great options for learning the differences between aerial specials and on the ground attacks. The side special brings up a small reticule that can be aimed at enemies, and can even be used to move across the map quickly. The side attack is the real star here, as Superman delivers a flurry of blows that can seriously stagger opponents. This can also be charged, and if it connects right, is a great option to knock enenemies flying.

Finally, even though Superman is a tank fighter, he does also have decent mobility. His jumps are high, and many of his specials will move you around the stage too. There's not too many moves to learn here, and if dealing damage is your game then you really can't beat Superman as a first choice.

Harley Quinn moveset in MultiVersus explained

Harley Quinn's character select page in MultiVersus
Image credit: WB Games

Now onto one of the unlockable characters in MultiVersus. Harley Quinn will cost you 2000 Coins to unlock, but you should consider doing so as early as you can. The main reason for this is that Harley is extremely fast, able to dart around in the air and on the ground. A lot of her moves, including the side special Prank Shot, have somewhat of a trick element to them. This attack can act as a dodge, before Harley launches a boxing glove behind her. Just by dodging and moving through the stage, you'll rack up damage and leave your opponents open to more simple attacks.

Similarly to Superman, Harley also has a great side attack that unleashes a flurry of moves in quick succession. The great thing about Harley's is that it ends in an upwards swing, sending enemies flying up into the air, perfect for follow up hits. Just by using this combo as a setup, you'll deal tons of additional damage and without having to invest too much time.

Harley Quinn's speed is perfect for newcomers, as it allows you to bob and weave in and out of fights, and offers great recovery for when you're knocked off-stage as well. Consider unlocking Harley with the Coins you earn from completing the starter quests.

MultiVersus Season 1 is here, alongside the latest patch notes and a look at the DLC schedule. Want to get the most out of the game? We have a MultiVersus tier list and how to unlock MultiVersus characters, plus the voice actors list.

Shaggy moveset in MultiVersus explained

Shaggy's unlock screen in MultiVersus
Image credit: WB Games

Finally we have Shaggy, who is arguably the current MVP of MultiVersus. He'll take 1500 Coins to unlock, but his simple yet deep moveset is pretty hard to beat at present. Shaggy is a bruiser fighter, specialising in close ranged combat. He's also a hybrid type too however, in that his down special gives you a sandwich projectile that can be thrown.

Shaggy is perfect for beginners, owing mostly to how easy-to-understand his specials are. Side special is a sort of flying kick that has a large hitbox, and neutral special can be used to charge up Shaggy's power once you get some space. As you level Shaggy up, you'll be able to unlock the One Last Zoinks perk. This automatically activates Rage mode once he hits 100 damage. This can really help turn the tide in battle.

New players will quickly be able to grasp Shaggy's core moveset, and will be able to do huge damage while in the air. Consider unlocking Shaggy once you've collected some Coins at the start of the game.

That's everything you need to know about the best beginner fighters in MultiVersus. For more on the game, check out our full character roster, as well as info on getting access to the MultiVersus open beta.

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