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MultiVersus character roster, current free characters and how to unlock characters

Review the diverse roster and see who you can play as right now.

MultiVersus characters offers up a huge roster of characters from Warner Bros. franchises like Batman, Adventure Time, Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo.

If you're not sure where to start, each character has a class and weight, helping you narrow down your choice based on playstyle.

Know that you need to unlock characters in MultiVersus before you can play them - with the exception being an on-going free character rotation so you can try before you buy.

The MultiVersus beta will be shutting down on Sunday 25th June 2023 until the game is ready for its full launch. If you'd like to learn more, visit our MultiVersus beta closing page.

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Current MultiVersus free character rotation

As part of the current MultiVersus free character rotation, the following are available to play without using gold between 13th September and 27th September:

  • Batman
  • Finn
  • Iron Giant
  • Morty

You can also see this in-game with the 'clock' icon on the character select screen.

This list rotates every two weeks - after that, if you want to continue playing as one of the above, then you must unlock them or wait until a future rotation.

MultiVersus character roster, weight and class

MultiVersus characters are pulled in from a wide variety of WB franchises - from DC to Adventure Times, Looney Tunes and Game of Thrones.

Each character fits into one of five classes and has a different weight (thanks to Kaninapo on reddit for confirming these), helping you decide who to play as beyond the appeal of each character themselves.

Name Franchise Class Weight Debut
Scooby-Doo Bruiser / Hybrid 72 Launch
Wonder Woman
DC Tank / Horizontal 65 Launch
DC Bruiser / Vertical 43 Launch
DC Tank / Hybrid 93 Launch
Looney Tunes Bruiser / Horizontal 63 Launch
Iron Giant
The Iron Giant Tank / Hybrid 150 Launch
Steven Universe Bruiser / Horizontal 80 Launch
Steven Universe
Steven Universe Support / Horizontal 50 Launch
Adventure Time Bruiser / Hybrid 69 Launch
Player First Games Support / Horizontal 50 Launch
Adventure Time Assassin / Horizontal 55 Launch
Scooby-Doo Support / Horizontal 63 Launch
Arya Stark
Game of Thrones Assassin / Hybrid 41 Launch
Bugs Bunny
Looney Tunes Mage / Hybrid 55 Launch
Harley Quinn
DC Assassin / Hybrid 42 Launch
Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry Mage / Hybrid 45 Launch
LeBron James
Space Jam: A New Legacy Bruiser / Hybrid 80 Open Beta
Rick and Morty Bruiser 52 Season 1
Gremlins Support 48 Season 1

MultiVersus Season 1 is here, alongside the latest patch notes and a look at the DLC schedule. Want to get the most out of the game? We have a MultiVersus tier list and how to unlock MultiVersus characters, plus the voice actors list.

How to unlock characters in MultiVersus

While some characters will be available from the beginning - such as tutorial character Wonder Woman - all others require unlocking first.

To unlock characters in MultiVersus, you have a choice of spending either gold, Character Tickets or Gleamium - all different types of currency unlocked through play, levelling up and / or purchasing Founder's Packs with real-world funds.

Once you have enough of the above to unlock a character, you can do so in the 'Collection' menu.

As well as this, there is always a small selection of free characters available at any given time. This is on a rotation, and changes every two or so weeks.

Once this period ends, they must then be unlocked with a currency, or until they appear back in free rotation. Consider this a useful way to try out new characters before buying them!

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