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Lost Ark Rudric spawn location, strategy, and drops

Is this Dark Souls?

Rudric is a world boss found in one of the first areas of Lost Ark.

World bosses are worth tracking down since you can get a good amount of loot from them. This boss is only level 17, but you should not underestimate it by trying to face it alone.

On this page, you will find where you can find the Rudric spawn location, the possible Rudric drops, and a strategy to take it down.

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Rudric location and spawns

Rudric is a level 17 boss that you can find in Rethramis Border, an area in Rethamis.

This boss spawns west of Regria Monastery in the Graveyard. The easiest way to get there is by teleporting to the Regria Monastery tripod.

Rudric spawns every 30 minutes, which is the same for other world bosses. In case you haven't found the boss once you arrived at the correct location, and you don't want to wait for it, you can change channels.

In Lost Ark, there are multiple instances of the same region called channels, and you can go through them until you find one in which Rudric is up.

You will easily identify if the boss is there because it is surrounded by a red mark.

Rudric strategy: How to beat the Rudric boss

Rudric is a giant demon with an enormous scythe. Facing it will ask you to pay attention not only to the boss' attacks but also to the groups of small demons that will appear in the area.

About its attacks, Rudric is pretty simple, and fighting it as a melee of a ranged class is basically the same. The demon has a low-range frontal cone attack easy to avoid even for melees. It is fast, but the area is so small that you have a lot of trouble dodging it.

Rudric's main ability is a circular AoE attack around it that afflicts fear in case you are hit. When fighting this boss it is important to remember that you have two options to escape from this attack.

The first is trying to run out of its reach, while the second is getting in the center of the attack since it is a safe zone.

This boss follows the style of some others, like the Salt Giant, having a random aggro. It will keep walking on the map, changing its target from time to time. In case you are picked as Rudric's prey, just keep running. Just be careful and don't get caught in one of its fear attacks while you are targeted by the boss.

Another aspect of this fight that is important to keep in mind is the fact that there will be smaller demons in the area. While facing Rudric, groups of small demons will spawn, and they will attack all players with the boss. Whenever you can, try to use some area attacks to help clean them.

Rudric drops and rewards

Defeating Rudric will give you pieces of epic gear, and an epic chest.

By opening it, you will earn more gear, a card, potions, and a map for a secret place. However, you are going to earn this chest only after your first kill of this boss.

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