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Lost Ark Rovlen spawn location, strategy, and drops

Yes, there is a giant evil plant boss.

Rovlen is a boss found in one of the first areas of Lost Ark.

Bosses are worth tracking down as, by defeating them, you can get some decent drops. This is a level 25 fight, and Rovlen is not an easy challenge to overcome by yourself.

This page explains where you can find the Rovlen spawn location, the possible Rovlen drops - and of course, a strategy to take it down.

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Rovlen location and spawns

To find Rovlen's location, you must go to the Bilbrin Forest area in West Luterra.

Specifically, Rovlen spawns west of Spring Refugee Outpost, so your best option for getting there is to teleport to the Grayhammer Mine Tripod.

Rovlen spawns every 30 minutes. If you can't find Rovlen once you have arrived at the right place, and you don't want to wait, you have the option of changing channels. Lost Ark has many instances for each area and you can go to all of them, checking whether Rovlen is up or not.

It is easy to identify if Rovlen is there since it is surrounded by a red mark.

Rovlen strategy: How to beat the Rovlen boss

Rovlen is quite a clustered battle since you are going to fight it in a small space and it has a lot of attacks with great range.

It attacks with small poison seeds that fall randomly in the area of the fight. It has also a big attack with its arms that covers the whole region around it, as well as a frontal charging attack which also poisons you in case you get hit.

Since this boss covers a lot of ground with its abilities, it is important that you use your dash to avoid taking damage and try to move while it is on cooldown.

As the fight goes on, Rovlen will eventually change to a defensive stance, creating a barrier around it, and summoning a number of tentacles to attack players.

In this phase, you should focus on killing the tentacles, because only after all of them are beaten will the barrier disappear. Do it as fast as you can, since Rovlen will heal itself while in its defensive stance.

Rovlen drops and rewards

Defeating Rovlen will give you some rewards, such as pieces of epic gear, potions, and a chest epic that contains more gear, cards, treasure maps, etc - but you are going to earn this one only in the case this is your first time killing this boss.

You also have the chance to drop the Wriggling Tentacle Sashimi, an item you have to wait 30 minutes to use in your inventory and it is going to be added to your Adventurer's Tome.

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