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How to get more Kudosh in Two Point Campus

All the best ways to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus.

You need to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus in order to unlock more items, which are needed to complete student requests, raise your students' happiness levels, increase room attractiveness, and raise your campus' star rating.

There's one simple way to make Kudosh fast in Two Point Campus, but you’ll unfortunately have to reach a certain point in the campaign to do so.

We’ve detailed this easy Kudosh method below, but we’ll also include some good ways you can earn Kudosh while playing the campaign mode to help you progress quicker.

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Is there a Kudosh cheat in Two Point Campus?

Just like Two Point Hospital before it, there are unfortunately no cheats or cheat codes in Two Point Campus, meaning there’s no way to cheat your way to high amounts of Kudosh as soon as you start the game. This can make earning the currency a challenge, especially later in the campaign when you'll want to do more customisation to your campus.

There is, however, a mode you can unlock in Two Point Campus that basically acts as a ‘cheat mode’, giving you access to all the Kudosh and money you need to make the campus of your dreams.

Two Point Campus

How to get Kudosh easy in Two Point Campus

The best way to get Kudosh easy in Two Point Campus is to unlock and play Sandbox mode. You can set your own custom Kudosh, money, and Course Points amounts, or get the maximum amount of 25,000 Kudosh, and other currencies, by selecting the ‘Creative’ option in Sandbox Mode. Keep in mind this 25,000 Kudosh is actually just used for decorating your campus, as you'll have every item unlocked in creative mode from the start.

Select how much Kudosh, Cash, and Course Points you start with in Sandbox mode.

To unlock Sandbox mode, you’re going to have to achieve a one star Campus in the first four levels of the campaign: Freshleigh Meadows, Piazza Lanatra, Mitton University, and Noblestead. Once you get one star in Noblestead, you can then save your game, quit out to the main menu, and then select Sandbox Mode with every level now available to you.

Remember to select the ‘Creative’ option to start with every item unlocked in Two Point Campus, and 25,000 Kudosh available for decorating.

Select 'Creative' in Sandbox mode if you want to start with every item unlocked.

Other ways to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus

There are a number of methods you can use to make Kudosh in Two Point Campus without switching to Sandbox Mode.

Here’s the best ways you can get Kudosh in Two Point Campus:

  • Completing and claiming career goals (these aren't automatically claimed)
  • Accepting optional inspections and open days
  • Passing optional inspections and challenges
  • Completing certain commercial research products
  • Winning end-of-year awards
  • Raising the star rating of your campus
  • Clicking on ‘bookworms’ when they appear outside (not guaranteed to reward Kudosh)

Career goals

Of these above methods, we'd say that completing career goals is the best way to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus. Each goal has three tiers, and you'll earn more Kudosh for higher tiers. Just remember, you have to go into the career goals submenu found on the top right-hand corner of the screen and manually claim the Kudosh you get for completing each career goal.

Go to the career goals submenu to manually claim your Kudosh.

For quick reference, here's how much Kudosh you get for completing each career goal tier in Two Point Campus:

  • Tier 1 career goal: 50 Kudosh
  • Tier 2 career goal: 75 Kudosh
  • Tier 3 career goal: 100 Kudosh

You'll complete a lot of career goals by simply playing through the campaign, but to quickly check your progress, you can pin a goal to your hud. This way you can see how quickly students are making friendships, joining clubs, and lots of other activities - including how many end-of-year awards your campus is away from completing a career goal.

You can pin a career goal to help you see how far away you are from earning that Kudosh reward.

Optional inspections and challenges

Make sure you're regularly checking your messages! You can earn five or ten Kudosh just by accepting open day and inspection visits - and even more if your campus makes a good impression. This is a good way to earn some easy money as well.

Completing commercial research products

This isn't a consistent way to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus, but you can complete certain commercial research products when they appear at the Research Lab to earn some extra Kudosh. Not every research product rewards Kudosh, so make sure you're checking the details of each to see what can get you the most Kudosh in the least amount of time.

Start a new research project from the menu to search for commercial products that reward Kudosh.

To check what research products are currently available at your Research Lab, select the big Research Hub and then 'Start New Research Product' option (the magnifying glass with the plus sign) to bring up a list of currently available academic and commercial products.

Good luck earning Kudosh in Two Point Campus!

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