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How to get money easy in Two Point Campus

Poshos hate this one simple trick.

You need to get money in Two Point Campus in order to purchase items, pay your staff, complete challenges, and keep your university afloat.

There is one easy way to make money fast in Two Point Campus, but you’ll unfortunately have to reach a certain point in the campaign to do so.

We’ve detailed this easy money method below, but we’ll also include some good ways you can earn money while playing the early stages of the campaign mode to help you progress quicker.

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Welcome to the Academic Year! | Two Point Campus (PEGI).

Is there a money cheat in Two Point Campus?

Just like Two Point Hospital before it, there are unfortunately no cheats or cheat codes in Two Point Campus, meaning there’s no way to cheat your way to high stacks of cash as soon as you start the game. This can make earning money a challenge in the early stages of the campaign.

There is, however, a mode you can unlock in Two Point Campus that basically acts as a ‘cheat mode’, giving you access to all the money and items you need to make the campus of your dreams.

Two Point Campus

How to get money easy in Two Point Campus

The best way to get money easy in Two Point Campus is to unlock and play Sandbox mode. You can set your own custom money, Kudosh, and Course Points amounts, or get the maximum amount of money (100 million Cash!) and other currencies by selecting the ‘Creative’ option in Sandbox Mode.

Select how much money, Kudosh, and Course Points you start with in Sandbox mode.

To unlock Sandbox mode, you’re going to have to achieve a one star Campus in the first four levels of the campaign: Freshleigh Meadows, Piazza Lanatra, Mitton University, and Noblestead. Once you get one star in Noblestead, you can then save your game, quit out to the main menu, and then select Sandbox Mode with every level now available to you.

Remember to select the ‘Creative’ option to start with the largest amount of money available at the beginning of a level in Two Point Campus.

Select 'Creative' in Sandbox mode if you want to start with 100 million Cash.

Other ways to get easy money in Two Point Campus

There are a number of methods you can use to make money in Two Point Campus without switching to Sandbox mode. Here’s all the ways you can make easy money in Two Point Campus:

  • Placing vending machines or arcade machines
  • Raising course fees
  • Clicking on ‘bookworms’ when they appear outside
  • Donations from students
  • Passing optional inspections and challenges
  • Getting more rent by improving your dormitories' room prestige
  • Winning end-of-year awards
  • Earning bonus XP
  • Taking out a loan
  • Getting students to join the Orb Club (but this lowers their happiness)
  • Selling items you don’t need

Although vending machines and arcade machines can cost a few thousand Cash to purchase, you’ll make the money back over time. Just be careful not to place more than you need to, as it’ll just be a waste of money.

Similarly, don’t take out a loan unless you really need to, as you’ll have to pay back extra. A handy tip to always keep your Campus afloat is to start with the Two Point Bank loan, and if you need more money, take the Swindles loan next and pay off the rest of your Two Point Bank loan with the Swindles money. As long as you don’t go too overboard with your spending, this can keep smaller campuses going for quite a while.

Lastly, if you're looking for the most amount of money from student donations, we highly recommend having lots of Posho students at your campus by having an active Money Wangling course available. Keep Posho students happy and raise their grades easily by having them join the book club and they will donate hundreds, sometimes thousands of Cash at a time.

Hope you're having fun in Two Point Campus!

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