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Genshin Impact Swimming and Diving, including diving spots, underwater mechanics and abilities

Don’t hit the cute seals!

Swimming and diving into the waters of Fontaine is the major feature added to Genshin Impact in Patch 4.0

Genshin Impact received a massive update which brings a whole array of changes to improve your experience with the game. In addition to that, you now can visit the new region, Fontaine, where the new chapters of the traveler’s journey will happen.

Among the new features, the biggest one is the capacity of exploring under the waters of Fontaine. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about Genshin Impact swimming mechanics, diving spots, underwater abilities, and the location of special enemies.

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Swimming and diving in Genshin Impact explained

With the 4.0 update, a new swimming mode has been added to the game, allowing you to also dive. To unlock swimming and diving in Genshin Impact, you need to interact with the first Statue of the Seven that is accessible in Fontaine to receive Fontaine’s Blessing. You can easily find the statue by following the Archon Quest.

This swimming mode is different from the regular one that has been part of the game for a long time because of a few rules. First, in this new swimming mode characters use the Aquatic Stamina. In areas where swimming and diving using Aquatic Stamina are allowed, the stamina bar becomes blue and characters don’t die if they run out of it. This works on the surface as well as underwater.

Since Aquatic Stamina only works in Fontaine, the areas where you can dive are limited.

You can absorb other creatures powers to use as yours in Fontaine

Once in the underwater level, the basic commands change. Besides swimming in any direction, you can also emerge, submerge, swim faster, attack, and use Transoceanic Sourcewater command, which allows you to absorb the skills of specific enemies.

All diving locations in Genshin Impact

In order to dive and access the underwater sections of Fontaine, you don’t need to enter through any specific opening or area. All you need to do is to swim until you’re able to submerge. In case the area is too shallow to dive, the game will let you know.

To check the extension of Fontaine’s water area, you can see the hue of the sea on the map. The area covered with a lighter blue hue is where it is considered Fontaine’s region and where the Aquatic Stamina is used.

Fontaine is split into three major regions and most of the water areas around them are deep enough to dive.

Court of Fontaine Region

Court of Fontaine is one of the regions where you can swim and dive in Genshin Impact

Beryl Region and Belleau Region

Beryl and Belleau regions are also part of Fontaine where you can dive in Genshin Impact

All Genshin Impact underwater abilities and mechanics explained

As you explore under the waters of Fontaine, you eventually have to use Xenochromatic abilities, special skills that you can absorb from specific enemies. While all these abilities can be used to attack enemies, each one of them interacts with specific mechanics in the underwater level.

Xenochromatic Blubberbeast’s ability

This ability is taken from some cute seals with a sign above their heads. With it, you can release sound waves to attack enemies, and by holding the attack command, you can aim where you’re sending the waves. It can also be used as a sonar just like the Echoing Conch.

Xenochromatic Blubberbeast’s ability emits a sound wave to hit enemies

Xenochromatic Hunter’s Ray ability

Once absorbed, this ability allows you to throw blades of water at enemies. To take this skill, you need to find rays with the skill’s sign above them. This is a great attack to use from a safe distance and it also allows you to move quickly between attacks. Holding the command allows you to aim your blades. Hunter’s Ray ability is necessary to cut weak sections of Fontemer Seagrass that can be found in the underwater level.

Xenochromatic Hunter’s Ray ability allows you to throw blades of water

Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability

Find little crabs with the skill’s sign to absorb this skill. When used, this ability gives characters a shield for a brief moment and it also releases a shock wave, causing damage to enemies close to you. Holding the command allows you to charge the attack which becomes a stronger shockwave when released. The only way to destroy certain rocks under the water as well as Bullet Barnacles, a marine cannon, is by using the Armored Crab’s ability against them.

Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability is a good shield that you can use when fighting enemies

Recovery Orbs

Around the underwater level, you can find three orange fish circling in certain places. These are called Recovery Orbs. By touching them, you recover HP as well as Aquatic Stamina. In case you want to know the closest one, they are marked on the minimap with a fish symbol.

Use Recovery Orbs to heal your party

Echoing Conch

These conchs are found in some areas of Fontaine’s underwater level and they can be extremely useful. When activated, they call your attention to a point of interest. It might be part of a puzzle solution or a hidden treasure.

Interacting with an Echoing Conch shows you possible puzzles and treasures

Underwater puzzles in Genshin Impact explained

To enrich the exploration underwater, Fontaine has its own set of puzzles that requires using specific aquatic abilities to solve.

Water stream puzzles

One of the puzzles you end up finding involves redirecting streams that you find around Fontaine. Not always, but most water stream puzzles involve interacting with a sphere, a water totem or both. You might even need to use a Xenochromatic ability, such as the Armored Crab’s one, to block the stream and solve the puzzle.

Water Stream puzzles requires you to redirect the stream to solve it.

Ousia and Pneuma totems

Spread in the underground level, there are either Ousia or Pneumia totems. While the mechanics concerning them are also found in the rest of Fontaine, you should know that the same rules are applied at the underwater level. Using an Ousia-oriented attack on a Pneumia-charged object and vice-versa either destroys the object or balances them.

Ousia and Pneuma puzzles are also present under the water

Underwater mini boss locations in Genshin Impact

Among the challenges the underwater level brings to the game, there are a few special enemies that you can fight to earn some good rewards. In each fight, you need to use one of the three Xenochromatic abilities. Fighting these enemies not only rewards you with Precious chests but also completes achivements.

Find the location and strategy for each enemy below:

Fading Veteran and Dobharcy, Lord of the Hidden

Fading Veteran is one of the special enemies you find in Fontaine.
Dobharcu, Lord of the Hidden is another enemy that becomes invisible.

Although you can employ the same strategy for both enemies, beating them requires a little bit of patience. The enemy becomes invisible and swims around sending sound waves to hit you. The main strategy is to use the Xenochromatic Blubberbeast’s ability to hit and take them out of the invisible mode. If you pay enough attention, it’s possible to see their silhouettes from where the attacks are coming, making it easier to defeat both enemies.

Angelica and Medoro, Cortana and Murgleis

Defeat Cortana and Murglei to receive good rewards.
The Angelica and Medoro duo is one of the special enemies you can fight underwater.

These two duos are quite fast, so your main goal is to constantly move and use your dash to avoid their incoming attacks. To defeat them, you need to use the Xenochromatic Hunter’s Ray ability to throw water blades at them. Eventually, they start charging an attack. During this process, it’s possible to see they are linked. Throw a water blade to break their link before the attack goes off. Hitting it will also damage them.

Ocean Circuit Judge

You can find Ocean Circuit Judge west from Salacia Plain.
Despite its size, Ocean Circuit Judge is a fast enemy under the water.

This massive crustacean is probably the most challenging among the special enemies because of how fast it moves underwater. While most of the time, Ocean Circuit Judge shoots a water sphere to attack you, from time to time the enemy performs a rotation attack. Be ready to dodge it! To fight Ocean Circuit Judge, you need to use Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability and go below it to hit its weak spot. Otherwise, Ocean Circuit Judge doesn’t take enough damage.

Have fun swimming around Fontaine!

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