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Free Pride items coming to Two Point Campus on release

Plus watch a charity livestream of the game today.

Free in-game Pride items will be included in Two Point Campus when it releases on 9th August.

The item pack will include rainbow coloured items like rugs, bedding, flags and more, and will be free forever across all platforms.

In addition, Sega and Two Point Studios will today host a Twitch livestream of the game to raise awareness and funds for Mermaids - a charity supporting trans youth and their families.

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Relationships between students will be a key feature of the new game, which can be accelerated using love items like the love bench and, erm, love trumpet.

Two Point Campus Pride Items
Pride items in Two Point Campus

"Two Point Studios believes in 'love is love', which means that in Two Point Campus any student can form a romantic relationship with any other student," reads a press release sent to Eurogamer.

"In supporting all your students' social needs, you can watch friendships form and romance blossom with whomever your students choose, creating a happy and harmonious campus for all to enjoy."

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