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Elden Ring hits huge peaks on Steam and Twitch

It's done

Elden Ring is out today, and already it's hit a peak of over 750,000 players on Steam.

According to SteamDB, the game had a peak of 764,835 players in less than a day, already giving it the 7th highest peak of all time.

For comparison with current trends, Elden Ring is just behind Lost Ark (~900,000) and Counter-Strike (~840,000).

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It's also far higher than previous Soulsborne games. Dark Souls 3 hit a peak of 130,000 players, while Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice hit a peak of 125,000.

All this despite Elden Ring's PC version being somewhat unstable.

Countering those high numbers, the game is receiving mixed reviews from players on Steam owing to poor performance. Many are criticising the stuttering frame rate.

Over on Twitch, Elden Ring has shot to the top category.

The game has already hit a peak of around 900,000 viewers, overtaking Just Chatting and League of Legends as the most watched category at the moment.

Again, to compare with previous Soulsborne games, Dark Souls 3 hit a peak viewership of 276,000 in 2017, while Sekiro hit 280,000 in 2019.

Considering the Soulsborne reputation as extremely difficult games for niche players, Elden Ring certainly seems to have found mass appeal.

If you're still undecided, check out our Essential Elden Ring review.

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