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How to beat Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring

Stormveil Castle boss tips and strategy.

Godrick the Grafted is an incredibly tough boss in the opening hours of Elden Ring, and the second mandatory boss of the overall story.

You can find Godrick the Grafted located near the end of the Stormveil Castle area of Elden Ring, the entrance to which was guarded by the first compulsory boss of FromSoftware's game: Margit the Fell Omen.

Elden Ring's Godrick the Grafted boss encounter is extremely challenging, even for seasoned From Software players. For this fight, we'd highly recommend summoning either another player, or a spirit ash summon.

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How to prepare for Godrick the Grafted

Preparing for Godrick the Grafted is varying, depending on how you actually want to fight the boss. If it's melee combat you're opting for, then we're going to recommend a weapon that has a lengthy reach to it, like the Longsword, or potentially the Uchigatana. You'll also want to make sure said weapon is upgraded at least once, because fighting Godrick with a base weapon is a recipe for an exhausting fight.

Alternatively, if you're using a ranged/magic build in Elden Ring (you'll need to find a staff location first) you'll want to make sure you've got offensive spells that don't take long to cast. Godrick moves around the arena at a pretty rapid pace, so if you are going to be lobbing spells around, you don't want to be stationary for too long.

As well as the Warrior you can summon at the entrance, make sure you've got a summon spirit that's composed of more than one character. Godrick hits hard, and is liable to take down a single companion in a hit or two, so for maximum distraction, consider using a summon like the Wandering Nobles, or the wolves that split up and run at the boss individually, which will draw Godrick's attention for longer.

Godrick the Grafted tips: How to beat Godrick the Grafted

Godrick is tough, fast, and hits hard. The boss comes lumbering at you when the introductory cutscene is done, but don't take that to mean he can't rush around the arena when needed. In fact, one of Godrick's quickest attacks is when he rolls to either side, before propelling himself up into the air, and slamming down on the ground with his massive axe. You don't need to dodge Godrick while he's rolling about on the floor, but you will need to time your dodge perfectly with the attack landing on the ground if you haven't already moved out of range.

This attack is actually usually preceded by an air-based attack. We're not exactly sure how Godrick does it, but he spends a few second spinning up waves of air around him, which results in three increasingly large area-based attacks around him. Make sure you back well off during this attack, because it's usually succeeded by the rolling attack we mentioned above.

Another attack that's absolutely essential to watch out for is when Godrick wields his axe upside down with two hands, and brings the head of it crashing down onto the floor. This is an area-of-effect shockwave attack, which actually lets off one wave when it hits the ground, then another wave approximately two seconds later. Dodge roll through the first wave, then jump over the second wave, and slice at Godrick with your weapon while in mid-air. This is a great tactic for landing a heavy blow to the boss while dodging through one of his harder-hitting attacks.

You'll also want to rapidly back away from Godrick's chain attack. The signal for this attack is when Godrick holds both of axes behind him on the same side as his body, after which he'll let rip with five or six slicing attack. Either dodging through these or just running away from them are perfectly viable options, since you won't have time to get off an attack on Godrick in between dodging each attack.

When Godrick's down to anywhere between having half and a third of his health left, an absolutely metal cutscene plays out, where the Grafted wields a dragon's head and its flame-breathing attack. The flame-breathing attack is now in play, but dodging this simply requires you to sprint around Godrick on the opposite side to which the attack starts, thus giving you maximum time to evade the flames. Godrick continues this attack for a few seconds even if you dodge it, so use the opportunity to hammer home a good few hits.

One thing that's really important to note is that in this second phase, the shockwave attack we mentioned above now comes in three waves. This time, therefore, you need to back away instead of rolling through and dodging the second wave, because there's now three opportunities for Godrick to land a potentially-deadly hit on you.

Godrick the Grafted reward

Once Godrick the Grafted is eventually felled, you'll immediately be rewarded with 20,000 Runes in total, which will surely be enough to level up your character a good few times (depending on what level you're at when you defeat Godrick, of course.

Additionally, you'll gain Godrick's Great Rune, and the Remembrance of the Grafted item. With the latter item, you've got two options: you can either consume the Remembrance of the Grafted in your inventory for more Runes, or you can take it to a character in the Roundtable Hold hub and exchange it for one of the best dex weapons in Elden Ring, Rogier’s Rapier.

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