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Elden Ring staff location: Where to find a staff and sorcery teacher early in Elden Ring

It's a kind of magic.

Where to find a staff in Elden Ring is much harder than you think.

Unless you have a specific starting class, you'll find that staffs for casting sorcery are surprisingly hard to come by.

For some players, who want to focus on melee, this won't be an issue - but for many, the option of ranged attacks when the situation or enemy demands it is incredibly useful, especially against bosses such as the Tree Sentinel.

Though you'll find staffs from vendors and merchants as you progress along the critical path, if you want to find a staff location early in Elden Ring - and a sorcery teacher to build up your array of spells - then you need to know where to look. Thankfully, either are not too far or difficult to obtain.

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Elden Ring staff location: Where to find a staff early in Elden Ring

Staffs are surprisingly hard to come by in the opening hours, so you'll have to go to a specific location to find one.

Our recommendation for a staff location in Elden Ring is in the Demi-Human Forest Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula.

This is an area to the south of Limgrave that's accessible without having to unlock or fight any boss battles first.

Once you have unlocked the horse Torrent, head to the south-west of Limgrave and cross the Bridge of Sacrifice.

It's filled with enemies, but if you're quick, they shouldn't damage you. (That said, it's worth stopping at the corpse on the other side for the Stonesword Key.)

Next, take the path south until it splits in two directions - ahead (south) and right (west). Our recommendation is to go south first, past the merchant and through the wall to the Map Fragment so you can better see where you need to go, then returning to the split and going west.

To the north-west will be the Demi-Human Forest Ruins, which is where we need to go for the staff:

In the north of this location is an encounter with the Demi-Human Queen. Despite her size and the minions, this should be a straightforward battle, provided you have at least a slightly stronger weapon and have levelled stats a little.

Battle against the Demi-Human Queen.

Draw out the minions past the walls and take them out first, then use the ruins as cover from ranged attacks by the Queen.

When defeated, you'll receive the Demi-Human Queen's Staff, and the Crystal Burst to use with it.

The stat requirements are very low - just 6 Strength - meaning you're pretty much ready to start using right away.

How to equip and use sorcery spells with the staff in Elden Ring

Once you have a staff in your possession, assign it to your left or right hand as you would with any melee weapon, shield or torch.

Then, visit a Site of Grace. You'll have the option to Memorise Spell.

Here is where you can assign the sorceries or incantations you've collected to the Memory Slots above.

Then, with the staff equipped, you press Up on the D-Pad to rotate through the assigned Memory Slots.

Want more spells in your locker? Then it's worth visiting Sorceress Sellen...

Elden Ring sorcery teacher location

Our recommendation for an early game sorcery teacher location is the Waypoint Ruins, on the border between East and West Limgrave.

Head east of Lake Agheel and you'll find some ruins with plant creatures roaming inside.

Not far from where the largest plant is located you'll find an underground entrance.

Within is a boss encounter with a Mad Pumpkin Head. By all accounts this is a straightforward battle; the boss focuses on melee strikes and is fairly predictable once you observe its attacks - just make sure you keep your shield up if you are caught off guard.

Also, know the helmet will protect the boss against strikes - so approach from the sides or behind when the boss is doubled over.

Once done, activate the Site of Grace and go through the door to meet Sorceress Sellen.

Agree to become her student and you'll have access to a number of sorceries - if you have the Runes of course. Remember each also has a stat requirement, so make sure you fulfil them before purchasing, or they can't be equipped.

Where to find the Royal House Scroll location

If you wish to expand her range of spells further, then visit the large ruins in the south-east of Limgrave. You will know you are in the right place where you'll find a bandit camp at the base.

On top of the west-most ruined structure will be a skeleton mage. Defeating them will drop Royal House Scroll.

Now take this to Sellen, then select the Give a Scroll option.

If you're looking for more offensive options in Elden Ring, out explainer on the earliest best weapons can help.

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