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Bandai Namco rejected a 2D pixel art Metroidvania reimagining of Dark Souls 3

It died.

A 2D pixel art Metroidvania reimagining From Software's Dark Souls 3 was rejected by Bandai Namco.

The news comes courtesy of artist Thomas Feichtmeir who released a screenshot of artwork used in the pitch to the publisher six years ago - now, the NDA is finally up.

Feichtmeir also worked on Blasphemous, itself a Metroidvania inspired by the Dark Souls series.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Dark Souls 3 Episode 1: FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BUTTS!
Let's Play Dark Souls 3 Episode 1: FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BUTTS!

In fact, there have been plenty of Metroidvania games influenced by the dark tone and challenging gameplay of Dark Souls - Salt and Sanctuary, Death's Gambit, Dead Cells and more.

But an official Dark Souls release? That could have been exceptional.

The artwork itself is of a knight character battling the iconic boss Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

In a follow up tweet, Feichtmeir explains the art was "created in a style which would have been doable in the average budget estimations of Metroidvanias back then".

Feichtmeir said the prevalence of 2D games is why this Dark Souls spin-off was pitched. The artist's tweet has since gone viral so the game likely would have been popular too.

Now, how long until a 2D Metroidvania reimagining of Elden Ring? At the least, there are already Game Boy and SNES versions.