Dead Cells

A swaggering, macabre role-playing beat-'em-up that's very easy on the eyes and dense with secrets.

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Dead Cells' massive Pimp My Run update out now on consoles

Dead Cells' massive Pimp My Run update out now on consoles

Custom games! 60FPS on Switch! More!

Developer Motion Twin's wonderfully crunchy rogue-like platformer Dead Cells has just received a massive new update on consoles, bringing, among an enormous list of other things, a stable 60FPS on Switch.

That's certainly an extremely welcome addition, given the sometimes unpleasantly wayward frame rate that plagued the Switch version at launch but, remarkably, it's far from the most significant element introduced in the new patch.

Pimp My Run, as the new console update is known (it's been available on PC for a while), ushers in a vast array of impactful balances and adjustments, touching everything from item drops to skills, and mutations. Enemy auto-scaling is a thing of the past too, meaning you'll actually feel more powerful as you progress through later levels, while Cooldown Reduction has been reworked, and Legendary weapon drops are no longer tied to boss encounters.

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Not to brag, but I have one hell of a Biro on the go at the moment. You know the kind of thing, right? Cheap disposable pens tend to have their own characters - the grindy one, the gritty one, the one that you're forever trying to coax back to life with mad eddies and whorls. This one, though, this one is the one you dream about. Oh man, it is glorious. A thick black line that just flows out onto the page. So smooth! Strangely rich. I feel like I could take that line anywhere, even if I'm just writing a shopping list or a phone number. The line makes me feel like writing. I am already starting to mourn this Biro a little, because I know it cannot last forever.

Dead Cells review - one of the slickest dungeon-crawlers you'll ever play

After 30-odd years of pillaging fantasy realms I'm pretty sick of video game loot, but I do love poring over the vicious trinkets I've harvested from the tissues of Dead Cells, Motion Twin's superb, handsome blend of Spelunky and Metroidvania. There they dangle in the jail where you begin each run: a galaxy of smoky coloured icons, sealed in jars that are chained to the ceiling. Bounce into them - one of my personal rituals, before I venture into the dungeon beyond - and the jars chime together ever so gently in a way that makes my skin crawl. I'm not sure the resemblance to a mad scientist's anatomy collection is deliberate, but it's compelling all the same. How better to capture the morbidity of escaping to a world of make-believe only to shake it down for swords and tat? You can almost smell the formalin.

Dead Cells review

Developer & publisher: Motion Twin

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Awesome "roguevania" Dead Cells gets its final big content update before leaving early access

Developer Motion Twin's awesome roguelike action platformer Dead Cells has received another major new content update - its last before leaving early access later this year.

Update 6, also known as The Hand of the King, released on Dead Cells' beta branch last week but has now been polished up and is ready to take the spotlight in the main build.

It introduces a whole new level in the form of The Castle ("We know, it's a very risky choice for an action-platformer", says Motion Twin), as well as the game's final boss - the titular Hand of the King. "He doesn't go down easily", warns the developer, "try to bear in mind that we do love you, in spite of what that boss might lead you to believe."

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Brilliant early access "roguevania" Dead Cells gets its big new Brutal Update tomorrow

Developer Motion Twin's excellent early access "roguevania" Dead Cells is getting some major additions and revisions tomorrow - including a completely overhauled character progression system - in its new Brutal Update.

Dead Cells, if you're unfamiliar, is a sort of rogue-lite, Souls-like, Metroidvania-ish action-platformer, topped off with some satisfyingly weighty hack-and-slash-style combat.

You begin each play-through as a gooey, resurrected corpse in the dungeon of a labyrinthine castle, and then it's off to battle your way through tough enemies and dastardly traps toward freedom. If you die, however, it's right back to the start, whereupon the castle's layout is completely reconfigured, and you're borne anew.

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