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Wooper 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Wooper in Pokémon Go

Everything you need to know about Wooper’s Spotlight Hour.

This week’s Spotlight Hour is all about the curiously named Water Fish Pokémon, making it the perfect time to catch a perfect Wooper in Pokémon Go.

While this Water/Ground-type Pokémon may not be particularly fishy — we expected the Water Fish to be one of the actually-fish-shaped Pokémon out there — Wooper and its evolution Quagsire do see use in some corners of Pokémon Go thanks to its impressive bulk. However, the real draw for this week’s Spotlight Hour is the special bonus that runs alongside the event – the double catch Stardust bonus.

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Wooper 100% perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go

This week’s Spotlight Hour is a great opportunity to catch a Wooper with perfect IV stats.


‘Perfect’ means two things in Pokémon Go, depending on how you plan to use a given Pokémon. First, there’s the maxed out, 100% IV version, which is the 15/15/15 you’re looking for your 4* Pokédex, raids and Master League. Yet, because of how CP is calculated using three stats, a perfect IV Pokémon is generally only ever the best version of itself in the Master League.

Of course, you can’t see the IV of a Pokémon without catching it first, but, with a little research beforehand, you can quickly spot a perfect Wooper based on the CP alone.

If you’re at Level 30 (or above), you’ll ideally be looking for the following CPs for a perfect 15/15/15 Wooper:

  • Level 30 (wild CP maximum) – 550 CP
  • Level 35 (weather-boosted wild CP maximum – 596 CP
  • The wild CP value aligns with your Trainer Level until you reach Level 30 and, due to the majority of the player base now being above this level, we’ve kept to these values for the sake of simplicity. These values will, however, be different if you’re currently below Level 30.

    Is Quagsire good in PVP?

    Quagsire is respectable in Great League, but its usefulness rapidly falls off once you graduate into Ultra League and beyond. The best use for Quagsire is actually in gym defence, thanks to its high bulk and single weakness to Grass-type attacks, which isn't a particularly common choice for gym attackers, thanks to the abundance of flying types in most gyms.

    If you do want to run a Quagsire in Go Battle League, you’re looking at the following move set: Mud Shot, Earthquake and Stone Edge as a second charged move.


    Ignoring the fact that there are simply better options for Ground-type attackers, let’s look at Quagsire as a Pokémon. It runs two of Galarian Stunfisk’s attacks, Mud Shot and Earthquake, but winds up with a worse Rock-type attack, Stone Edge.

    It also has stats overall, meaning that all we’re really looking at is a worse G-fisk that has slightly different weaknesses.

    So, if you find that your Galarian Stunfisk is taking too much heat and causing you losses (which seems unlikely as it is the best Pokémon in the meta for a reason), Quagsire could be a replacement, swapping the list of weaknesses people are trying to exploit for the aforementioned mono-Grass weakness.

    So, what does a great-league Quagsire match-up look like? You can expect wins against, believe it or not, Galarian Stunfisk. This means that if the terror of Great League is a pain in the foot, Quagsire suddenly becomes a lot more appealing. You can also look forward to beating Bastiodon, Swampert, Azumarill and Sableye, which is a nice list of wins.

    The flip-side is that you will lose against Noctowl, Altaria, Medicham, Scrafty and Alolan Ninetails — none of which are particularly uncommon.

    If this sounds like your cup of Sinistea, keep an eye out for a 0/15/14 Wooper, which becomes a CP 1499 Quagsire at Level 29.

    Looking to Ultra League, Quagsire’s bulk is lost by the fact that a perfect Quagsire tops out at CP 2252 at Level 50. It still beats G-fisk, but only just. Registeel, Talonflame and Nidoqueen are also wins, but you will lose very quickly to some of the most common and powerful meta Pokémon, including Cresselia, Giratina, Scrafty, Walrein and Swampert.

    This means that when it comes to Master League, Quagsire is totally worthless. Don’t even think about it.

    The Season of Mythical Wishes currently has the Valentine's Day event and Mega Gardevoir and Tapu Lele to battle, and has seen Kecleon finally being released in Pokémon Go! We also got a new Team Go Rocket quest - Shadowy Skirmishes! The team lineups for Giovanni and the Team Go Rocket Leaders has also changed. Don't forget to partake in the new Go Battle League season. Elsewhere, be sure to use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. This incense may also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

    Is there a shiny Wooper in Pokémon Go?

    Released back in December 2020, there is a shiny Wooper in Pokémon Go, as part of the Wooper Watch event. Woop woop! Shiny Quagsire was released at the same time. However, it's worth pointing out that Paldean Wooper is not in Pokémon Go, as they only joined the franchise with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet last month. This of course means that there’s no shiny Paldean Wooper or shiny Paldean Quagsire in Pokémon Go.

    Wooper evolution line. (Image via pokemon.com)

    Spotlight Hours, unlike Community Days, do not have a boosted shiny rate, so, as you’re hunting for a shiny Wooper, you’ll be doing so with the regular shiny rates in this play. This means, if you really want a shiny Wooper, you need to make the most of this hour!

    What does shiny Wooper look like?

    As you can see at 7:40 in the video below, shiny Wooper takes on a light pink colour, befitting of the real-life creature that it is based on. If you haven’t seen an axolotl before, they’re weirdly cute, just like Wooper.

    Quagsire, meanwhile, takes on an excellent deep purple, making it look like it’s trying to copy our other Water/Ground-type friend, Swampert. It’s a good look and we don’t hate it!

    Thanks to YouTube user LiftingandZombies for the above video!

    Other tips for this Spotlight Hour

    Aside from trying to catch a shiny Wooper in Pokémon Go, there are a couple of other good reasons to partake in this week’s Spotlight Hour:

    • The best reason is, of course, the double catch Stardust bonus running throughout the hour. This gives you the chance to gather Stardust twice as fast as usual, with each Wooper caught giving 200 Stardust instead of the base 100. If the in-game weather is rainy or clear, this adds an additional 50 Stardust (twice the usual 25), and this is stacks with a Star Piece to give a 1.5x multiplier to all Stardust gained. This means that each weather-boosted Wooper caught while using a Star Piece will be worth 375 Stardust!
    • If you’re a newcomer, this Spotlight Hour is the perfect time to collect enough Wooper candy to fully evolve this Pokémon and enter all of its evolutions in the Pokédex. Remember, you will need an Unova Stone for each Quagsire you want to evolve.
    • Thanks to Wooper being a Water/Ground-type, catching a bunch during this Spotlight Hour will add progress to your respective catch bonus medals.

    Spotlight Hour events only last for an hour – 6pm to 7pm (local time). Next week, we’ll be getting into the Christmas spirit with the first of our tri of Ice-types, with Go Battle League all-star Spheal taking the spotlight!

    Good luck finding a perfect shiny Wooper!

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