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Tom Hardy is now in Fortnite

As Venom.

Inception and The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy is now available in Fortnite, in the form of his Eddie Brock/Venom guise.

Of course, the release of his character ties into the upcoming launch of Venom: Let There Be Carnage in cinemas.

Fortnite also includes a Carnage skin as part of this season's battle pass, and currently features superpowered Venom and Carnage symbiotes as Mythical items in matches.

Cover image for YouTube videoVenom Unleashed

Fortnite already hosted a Venom character skin, but this one is based on the new movie and lets you transform back and forth between the icky antihero and Hardy. A bundle of associated items is also available, and is cheaper if you bought the earlier Venom skin.

The past couple of months have seen the similar addition of Ryan Reynolds, plus LeBron James, Harry Kane, Ariana Grande and Ferraris.