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Ryan Reynolds is now in Fortnite

Free Guy to play.

Fortnite now features Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy, a movie about a man who realises he's actually a video game NPC.

The somewhat inevitable crossover includes a series of in-game quests for a free emote voiced by Reynolds himself (or in your local language in non-English speaking countries), as well as a frankly horrifying skin.

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This skin is Reynolds' other character in the film, the muscled "Dude". It'll be available in Fortnite's item shop tonight upon its usual reset time. Here it is, along with that emote:

Watch on YouTube

All of this is horrible, but I am impressed by one element. Complete any of the Free Guy challenges and Ryan Reynolds will actually pop up in the corner of your screen as Guy to congratulate you via a little video clip. Bizarre.

Of course, you could argue Ryan Reynolds has now featured in Fortnite twice - as Deadpool joined the game over a year ago. How about a Detective Pikachu crossover next?

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