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England captain Harry Kane will be available in Fortnite this weekend

Boot up.

Harry Kane will become available to buy in Fortnite this weekend, just as the Euros kick off.

German player Marco Reus is also joining Epic's beautiful game, and the two will come with the usual array of emotes and back blings.

Harry Kane has an emote named "HurriKane". That's some top punning there.

Fortnite's previous Neymar Jr. tie-in.Watch on YouTube

Additional rewards and prize money will be available via Fortnite's in-game UEFA Euro 2020 Cup, which kicks off next week on 16th June. This two round tournament will have a $50,000 prize pool.

Fortnite has added real-world people to the game before, though typically this has been streamers and musicians with big Fortnite audiences.

That all changed last Fortnite season, however, when the game added Neymar Jr as part of its battle pass.

Documentation which became public as part of the Epic v Apple trial revealed early plans for a LeBron James skin alongside an NBA tie-in mode. While that tie-in eventually happened, the LeBron James skin is yet to appear.

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