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Fortnite planned basketball, survival simulator modes


A basketball mini-game and an open-world survival simulator have been in development within Fortnite.

The details are the latest to come to light as part of documentation revealed in the Epic Games vs Apple courtroom drama, and which fit into previous leaks.

Plans for an NBA tie-in mode, including a LeBron James skin, are detailing an internal report dated June 2020 - though leaks suggest these are still coming.

These plans saw Epic prototyping an arcade basketball mini-game for launch within Fortnite's no-combat Party Royale mode, with dribbling and shooting gameplay plus 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 variants possible. There are no mini-games of this nature available in the mode at present.

All of this was supposed to launch last October - but like other leaked content we detailed earlier, appears to have been pushed back.

Another, more robust mode is also apparently on the cards. Previously revealed by Fortnite leaker Hypex, this is described as an "open world simulation sandbox". Files for it currently sit within Fortnite's code, though there's no word on when it will publicly launch.

Epic documentation has also provided an early look at plans for Fortnite's Crew subscription. This eventually arrived in December last year, though was once planned for August. An earlier iteration was named The Club, and seemed to include access to a members-only social space. Before Epic's relationship with Apple soured, it had floated plans for a Apple TV/Music and Club bundle.

Plans for this version of the subscription included skins which evolved over time, the more months you stayed subscribed, and cosmetics that would then be available to non-subscribers one month later.

All of this detail has been made newly public as part of the ongoing Epic vs Apple court proceedings which have also shown that Fortnite earned $9bn in two years, how much Epic pays for free games on its store and detailed swathes of cancelled/postponed upcoming Fortnite content - including a potential crossover with Metroid.

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