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Temtem Type chart, Type effectiveness and weakness explained

Get your head around how Temtem's 12 types work against one another.

Learning how Temtem Types work is essential to get the most out of combat.

Though Temtem shares many similarities with its inspiration, Pokémon - including a series of Types that every creature and their move fits into - the Types themselves are different, as do how they interact.

This Temtem Type chart shows at a glance how they all work against one another, with Temtem weaknesses and Temtem strengths explained.

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Temtem Tips and Tricks

What are Temtem Types and how do they work?

Temtem has a total of 12 Types. A Temtem can be one or two Types, while each move also has a Type.

Generally, Temtem's Types work as you'd expect the elements they are based on would, especially if you've played Pokémon - for example Water being effective against Fire, Fire is effective against Grass, and Grass is effective against Water.

That said, there are some get differences; the Temtem starters don't fit into this tradition; there are fewer Types than Pokémon; and though there are some obvious comparisons - Mental is Psychic, for example - there's also some new elements such as Digital and Crystal to learn.

If you're not familiar with how Types work at all, they operate on weaknesses and strengths. A Type can be strong against another Type (double, or x2 damage) or weak against another Type (half, or x0.5 damage), and if it isn't one of these, then regular (x1 damage) applies.

Additionally, since a Temtem can be multiple Types, these strengths can stack - allowing for x4 damage if it's a double weakness. By the same token, they can cancel each other out if a move is both weak and strong against the Temtem's two Types.

All this is useful not only to know when positioning a Temtem against another in the heat of battle, but also when catching and constructing your squad. If you know you are going up against a certain set of Types ahead of time, then you'll want to minimise your weaknesses and increase your strengths.

And if you don't know what's coming, then having a well-rounded squad with as many options against every Type is highly recommended.

Temtem Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained

Here is a chart listing each Type and whether they are strong or weak against another Temtem Type. If a Type isn't listed against another, they will simply do a regular amount of damage.

Via developer Crema on Twitter.

If you prefer a temple, here's a Temtem type chart on what's effective against what in alphabetical order:

TypeStrong Against (x2)Weak Against (x0.5)
CrystalElectric, MentalFire, Earth
DigitalMental, Digital, MeleeNone
EarthFire, Electric, CrystalWater, Nature, Wind
ElectricWater, Mental, Wind, DigitalNature, Electric, Earth, Crystal
FireNature, CrystalFire, Water, Earth
MeleeEarth, CrystalMelee, Mental
MentalNeutral, MeleeCrystal
NatureWater, EarthFire, Earth, Toxic
ToxicWater, NatureEarth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic
WaterFire, Earth, DigitalWater, Earth, Toxic
WindToxic, EarthElectic, Wind

Best of luck with your match-ups - and if you're not sure who to build out your team with, our Tempedia page can help!

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