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Sony 2009 line-up is "relentless, AAA"

Man also thinks KZ2 will convert 360 fans.

Sony America's Scott Steinberg believes that the company's 2009 line-up is "relentless and AAA-quality", and says to expect "even more excellent titles at E3" in early June.

"Starting it with Killzone 2, we're going to arrest the momentum from competitors with titles like MLB 09: The Show, which some are calling the best sports title ever made. Then in summer there's inFamous and you'll get to see even more excellent titles at E3," Steinberg told GameDaily in an interview focusing on Killzone 2's launch marketing.

"If PlayStation fans thought that we'd rest on our laurels from last year and if competitors thought that we'd punched ourselves out, both are mistaken!"

Steinberg also explained Sony's marketing approach with Killzone 2 - from internal mock reviews (a pretty standard way of checking a game's health) and the decision to launch in February, to the pre-release beta testing and "Bullet" advert - and argued that the game lived up to its billing.

"We feel that Killzone 2 is a tremendous exclusive. It's an exclamation point that demonstrates the distance between the PS3 and other systems. The game is 40GB and could not be done on anything else," he said, which will probably go down well with the 360 fundamentalists.

"It will move people from the sidelines, and from what we've seen from blogs, will push 360 owners to try out the PS3. I think it's going to be a major launch for us and this historical PlayStation brand," he finished. Good luck on the comments thread. Distract yourself by reading our Killzone 2 review again.