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Scorn Act 5 grenade launcher boss strategy

Just your average baby mech with a grenade launcher.

There aren't a lot of enemies in Scorn, but when there are, boy are they tough. The 'baby mech' with the grenade launcher boss in Act 5 is the hardest of these enemies, with multiple phases and strategies needed to finally defeat it.

We've got a detailed strategy to every phase of the grenade launcher boss fight in Act 5 of Scorn below, including how to defeat the second baby mech that sets its angry eyes on you.

If you ever get a bug or glitch that stops your progress while fighting these bosses, you can quit and enter the game again to access your latest autosave. If you're very low on health at the autosave, it might be better to restart the act instead.

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Scorn - Gameplay Walkthrough (feat. Doug Bradley).

Scorn Act 5 Phase 1 grenade launcher boss strategy

To complete the first phase of the grenade launcher boss fight in Scorn, you need to bait the boss into using all of its ammo, and then shoot the red tank on its side when it kneels to reload. You'll have to do this a total of four times if shooting with the shotgun-like weapon, but might take longer with the pistol-like weapon.

Some general tips for surviving this first boss phase are:

  • Use the two cages to run around and avoid getting hit - but be wary that the grenades can still hit you between the bars!
  • If you need more health or ammo, go to the area you picked up the red baby egg up from and refill at the stations.
  • Don't hit the boss until it has exposed its red tank or you'll just be wasting precious ammo.
  • Only reload when the boss it down after hitting its tank, and try to only heal here too.

You'll know this first phase is over when the boss falls forward and stops, letting you interact with its grenade launcher.

The baby mech doesn't like that very much, though, and attacks you, starting the next phase of the fight.

Scorn Act 5 Phase 2 grenade launcher boss strategy

The second phase of the grenade launcher boss in Scorn follows along the same lines as the strategy for the first phase, only this time you have to bait the boss into swinging its arm at you, and then shoot the red tank in its belly when the metal case swings open. You have to do this two times if shooting with the shotgun-like weapon, but will most likely take longer with the pistol.

Some tips for completing the second phase of the grenade launcher boss fight are:

  • Don't shoot unless the red tank is exposed! Sometimes the boss swings and doesn't reveal the tank, so you'll have to be patient.
  • You can continue to take advantage of the cages to run around and avoid the grenades easier.
  • The boss still needs to reload, so use this time to heal or reload your own weapon.
  • Remember that you can get more ammo or health from the stations located where you picked the red baby egg up from, but only if you haven't depleted them already.

The second phase of the boss fight ends when the mech kneels and the baby falls out. You can finally go over and pick up that grenade launcher. You'll also automatically pick the baby up, which is part of the next puzzle you need to solve before the second boss fight.

Scorn Act 5 egg baby room puzzle solution

Take the baby to the same chamber you deposited the last one and then head back into the room you just defeated the boss in.

At this point you might have noticed that you can't switch to any other weapon but the grenade launcher, as you're too tangled with the being controlling you. You're not locked out of any puzzles though, so don't worry! You only need the grenade launcher to solve this puzzle in the room containing the egg babies anyway.

The solution to this puzzle in Act 5 is to stand on the raised part of the floor between the two small egg rooms, then launch a grenade at the two pillars now exposed in the room in front of you.

This opens up the locked egg room, letting you pick it up and put it in the new mech suit that appeared where the old one was.

This new mech baby is just as angry as the last one, and even faster too.

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Second Scorn Act 5 grenade launcher boss strategy

Although this second grenade launcher boss in Act 5 is faster and fires grenades at a higher rate, it's thankfully easier to defeat now that you have your own grenade launcher.

The strategy for this second grenade launcher boss fight is to bait it into using all of its ammo again, then shoot a grenade into the red hole on its back - and that's it! One well-placed shot from right behind the boss should do it, but you might need to try again if your own grenade gets bounced back.

You can now pick up this last baby and dispose of it the same way as before to finally pick up the filled capsule, unlocking the path back to the two dormant bodies.

Good luck with the final few puzzles in Scorn!