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Scorn egg puzzle solution to open main door in Act 1

It's no yolk.

Scorn is intentionally obtuse with almost all of its puzzles until you get used to its alien technology, even at the beginning of Act 1 when it’s clear you need to open the main door in the centre room.

The egg puzzle in the upper half of this room will give you a hand in opening this door, but it’s not entirely clear how, or even what you must do to solve it.

To help you progress, we’ve got the egg puzzle solution in Act 1 of Scorn below, and have also detailed exactly what to do with the egg and how to open the main door once you’ve solved this first problem.

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Scorn egg puzzle solution in Act 1

One of the most annoying things about the egg puzzle in Act 1 is that it’s not solved when you think it is, as there’s actually two eggs you need to interact with on this strange, interconnected alien crane system.

First of all, if you haven’t found the egg puzzle yet, go to the circular part of the room with the alien chair and small crane found on the bottom floor of the main room. Interact with the panel in the circular part and you’ll see it’s actually a lift that will take you to the upper floor.

Take the lift to find the egg puzzle.

Don’t worry about the sides of this level, as you can’t open the door at the end yet. Instead, go to the walkway in the middle of the floor and look to your right. You’ll see the alien egg puzzle on the wall, along with a panel you can interact with that will move these eggs around with a sort of crane-on-the-rails device.

To solve this egg puzzle you first need to place the lovely red ‘juicy’ egg on the red slot in the upper left-hand corner.

To move the eggs around in this puzzle, you have to navigate the crane over one, and then hold down the ‘Use’ button and move the crane again. On Xbox controllers, you can do this by holding down ‘A’ then moving the left thumbstick. Let go of ‘A’ when you want to stop moving an egg. You can pause the game to check the controls at any time if you're unsure.

Some eggs are actually attached to each other horizontally and vertically, so you’ll have to slide them about until you make a clear path for the red egg on the red slot.

Once you’ve moved the juicy egg to the top left-hand corner, leave this screen and then interact with the panel in the middle of the platform. This will activate the large crane, which will try to take the egg, but ends up bursting it instead. You need to do this in order to free up a slot.

This is where the real puzzle begins. To fully solve this egg puzzle in Act 1, you need to move the vertically attached eggs all the way over to the red slot in the upper left-hand corner, then use the large crane by interacting with the panel in the middle to crack it and move its 'contents' to the lower half of the room.

I can’t give you an exact solution, as your egg placement might be very different from what mine was at this point, but you should aim to move all other eggs to the right-hand side of this puzzle in order to make room for the vertical eggs. If you have even one slot not filled on the right, you won’t be able to move the vertical eggs to where they need to go.

In the end, you should have the same egg placement as the picture below, and can then use the crane in the middle to crack and move the vertically attached egg you placed in the red slot.

What to do with the egg in Scorn Act 1

Now you’ve unearthed your friend from the egg, you’ll have to move them onto the seat in the middle of the room, push them on the rails until they get cracked, push them on the rails again into the correct room to get scooped, then pick up their arm so you can use it to open the main door... welcome to Scorn!

Do keep in mind that there is another way to solve this second egg puzzle in a way that might save your new buddy, but we haven’t been able to work out how to do this yet. Unfortunately for the egg, we only know the gruesome method.

For the first step to the gruesome method, let’s set up the path to the egg’s demise. Go to the spiral structure in the middle of the ground floor in the main room and interact with the panel. Change the rail placement so it leads into the room with the alien chair and small crane (the one with the circular lift).

Next, head down to the bottom of the spiral structure again and look out for a crane above a chair. You’ll see your egg buddy near it. Use the panel directly across from the crane (near the spiral structure) to move the crane up, grab the egg, then move the crane down and place the egg in the chair below.

Push the egg in the chair until it stops and turns, then use the nearby panel to activate the saw to crack it fully open.

Sorry, buddy.

If you’ve moved the rails correctly, you can now push the cracked egg into the room with the small crane and alien chair. Use the panel that controls the crane to lift the egg onto the chair, then use the other panel that controls the scooper to scoop your poor egg friend into the hole below, leaving his arm behind.

Pick up the arm from the chair, as you need it to open the main door and progress with the story.

Need some help surviving Scorn's gruesome alien world? We've got pages on how to heal, along with solutions for the egg puzzle in Act 1, spinning circle puzzles in Act 2, yellow light puzzles in Act 3, maze puzzle in Act 4, and the best strategy to defeat the grenade launcher boss in Act 5.

How to open the main door in Scorn Act 1

As mentioned before, there is another way to open the main door that might save your egg friend, but we’ve only got the gruesome method solved so far.

Once you’ve got the arm by cracking and scooping the egg, take it to the room found to the left of the main door.

Follow the path into the next room, then insert the hand into the the alien machine poking out of the wall, the one below a red light. This will give the hand the same device you have for commanding the alien technology.

Go back to the main door and interact with the panel on the left first. You’ll use the hand with the device, so you can then use your own hands for the panel on the right. The door will then fully open, and you can progress to Part 2 of Act 1.

Good luck with the rest of the puzzles in Scorn, and if you need some more help, we've got Act 2 and Act 3 puzzle solutions, along with an Act 5 boss guide as well!

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