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How to heal in Scorn

How to survive longer in the alien world.

Even the controls in Scorn can be a bit of a puzzle at times, especially when it comes to working out how to heal.

Even if you know the correct button to do it on PC and Xbox, you still need to find a specific item in order to gain the ability to heal in Scorn.

We've detailed exactly what act you get the item to heal, along with how to heal once you do get it. If you need help with Scorn's main puzzles, we've got pages on the Act 1 egg puzzle, Act 2 spinning circle puzzle, Act 3 yellow lights puzzle, and a boss guide for Act 5.

Scorn - Gameplay Walkthrough (feat. Doug Bradley).

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How to get more health in Scorn

You can't heal until you solve the spinning circle puzzles in Act 2 of Scorn and then enter the next part of the building by using your new one-light key.

You need this key to progress in Act 2.

After entering this building, you'll travel through the same area in Act 1, only the place looks like it's falling apart. Follow the path around until you find another door locked by one light and use your key on it.

Keep exploring, and when you go down a lift, look directly opposite at a station with one light and three red tubes above it - this is a healing station.

When you interact with the healing station, you will insert a crab-like device into it, and the station will inject what looks like blood into its holes. Each red orb that forms on this crab-like device represents one bar of health you can recover by using it.

By holding down the correct button, you can now heal in Scorn.

Need some help surviving Scorn's gruesome alien world? We've got pages on how to heal, along with solutions for the egg puzzle in Act 1, spinning circle puzzles in Act 2, yellow light puzzles in Act 3, maze puzzle in Act 4, and the best strategy to defeat the grenade launcher boss in Act 5.

How to heal in Scorn

After you've found your first healing station and have at least one red orb on your crab-like healing device, all you have to do is hold down RB on Xbox controllers or 'E' on PC to heal in Scorn. Tapping won't work, so make sure you're holding the button down.

Your character will then transfer the blood from the crab-like device into your own arm, recovering a maximum of two bars of health at a time.

You can see how much health you and your crab have left on the top left-hand side of the screen while healing. Your health is the bars, and the red circles are how many red healing orbs are on your healing crab.

If you ever forget any of the controls in Scorn, you can always pause the game to get a quick reminder.

Additionally, if you run out of red healing orbs, you'll need to find more healing stations to refill your crab. These tend to be hidden away in optional rooms, so make sure you try exploring an area fully if you find yourself low on health.

Good luck with the rest of Scorn!

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