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Scorn spinning circle puzzle solutions in Act 2

How to complete these Act 2 puzzles.

Every act in Scorn has a big new puzzle to solve, and Act 2 is no different with new spinning circle puzzles that you need to solve in order to continue with the story.

You'll first have to find the right device to access these circle puzzles in Scorn, which we've also detailed below, along with how to solve the final puzzle with the same piece of equipment, in the room with the plant-like creatures glowing red.

If you ever get a bug or glitch that stops your progress while exploring or trying to input these spinning circle puzzle solutions in Act 2, you can pause the game and reload from the beginning of the act, or quit and enter the game again to access your latest autosave.

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Where to find device to access spinning circle puzzles in Scorn Act 2

Once you make your way inside the building in Act 2 of Scorn, after travelling outside for a short while, you'll soon come to a room with a red glow that has some plant-like creatures in the middle. There are two devices you can see at one of the entrances to this room, but you can't interact with them yet.

This room actually contains the final puzzle to Act 2, and you'll need to solve four spinning circle puzzles first before you can access it. To do this, however, you'll need to find the right device!

While looking at the red glowing plants and the two devices in front of you, turn around and take a left. Opposite the locked door here is a dead body. Interact with it to pick up the device you need to solve the spinning circle puzzles in Act 2.

The very first of these puzzles is right beside the dead body you just looted, to the right.

Spinning circle puzzle solution 1 in Scorn Act 2

When you interact with this alien console, as long as you have the device, you'll insert it into the console, and the puzzle will begin.

Every circle puzzle in Act 2 is a little bit different, but they all require the same logic to complete them. The basic premise of each one is to move your device around to pick up each of the notches in the circles in the correct order, and then spin around to the top of the console and drop them off.

The first solution to the spinning circle puzzles is the easiest of the four, as all the notches are stationary. Pick the notches up from the outside to the inside, then drop them off at the top.

Here's a picture showing exactly how to solve the first spinning circle puzzle in Act 2 of Scorn:

Spinning circle puzzle solution 2 in Scorn Act 2

You can find this second spinning circle puzzle solution by taking the lift up a floor and then using the alien panel to create a corridor to the left-hand room across the way. It's the one two away from the room being blocked by dead bodies.

Take a right when you come to the very end of where this room takes you, as we can't access the panel on the left yet until we get another device. You'll find the second circle puzzle down this corridor on the right.

The solution to this one has the same premise, only this time the notches you need to collect are spinning on their own. To solve this one, you have to spin your device around to where the notch will eventually stop in the position you can pick it up from. We recommend turning the volume up, as the notch will make a clicking sound when it reaches the area you need to spin your device to.

It takes a few rotations for a notch to align perfectly again, so watch it and then move your device to where it will be next time in order to successfully pick it up. Once you have all three, end the puzzle at the top again.

Here's a picture showing exactly how to solve the second spinning circle puzzle in Act 2 of Scorn:

Spinning circle puzzle solution 3 in Scorn Act 2

Once you've solved the second circle puzzle, go back to the alien panel that lets you create corridors, and then select the room to the left of the one with a pile of dead bodies.

You'll walk near a fan, but to gain entry past it, you'll have to keep exploring until you find a structure with three tentacles attached to it. Pull all three tentacles out, then turn around and walk forward. Something a little strange will happen, but don't worry, this is a part of the story and you won't die.

Go back to the fan and you'll see it's now been disabled and you can walk through it. Explore past it until you come to a console at the top of a ramp, which is the third spinning circles puzzle.

This one follows the exact same logic as the second puzzle. Wait until you hear the click of the correct notch placement, then spin your device around to that position and wait for the notch to make its way there again. Pick up all three then drop them off at the top to complete this third circle puzzle.

Here's a picture showing exactly how to solve the third spinning circle puzzle in Act 2 of Scorn:

Spinning circle puzzle solution 4 in Scorn Act 2

Time to finally get rid of those dead bodies!

After solving the last circle puzzle, explore a little further until you come across a new circular lift and interact with the panel. It'll take you down into a new room where you can use the machine on the wall (under the small light) to get the device back that lets you control some of the alien tech.

You can now go back to the same area as the second spinning circle puzzle and access that panel by the dead body overlooking all the rooms you can get to by creating corridors (the room entrance is located two to the left of the pile of bodies).

Once you've interacted with this panel, spin the device to the room with the dead bodies and activate it. Some green liquid will get rid of the bodies, and you can now access this room by making a corridor to it with the same device as always.

Explore past the entrance to this room and you'll eventually come to the fourth and final spinning circle puzzle of Act 2 - and this one is the toughest. It's the exact same type of puzzle as the previous two, but this time half of the puzzle is blocked.

You have to really listen for where the correct notch placement is on the left and spin your device to pick up all three of them, then drop them off at the top as always.

Here's a picture showing exactly how to solve the fourth spinning circle puzzle in Act 2 of Scorn:

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How to solve the red plant room puzzle in Scorn Act 2

For the final puzzle of Act 2, go all the way back to the start and find the two devices opposite the plant-like creatures in the room that glows red. Insert your own device into the one found on the right-hand side of this room to bring all four plant pods down, then interact with the device on the left to gain access to the puzzle.

To solve this puzzle, you have to move all four of the white lights on the right to their correct positions inside the red lights on the left. They all move at the same time, so you need to make sure you're moving the first light into the longest stretch of free space on the left, then the second white light to the second longest stretch of free space on the left, and so on.

Here's exactly where you need to move each of the four white lights to in order to solve the red plant room puzzle in Act 2:

And here's what the completed puzzle looks like:

All you have to do to complete Act 2 now is walk forward and retrieve that device from the pedestal with the one light glowing on it, then return to the door opposite the first circle puzzle you solved, and use your new gadget to open it.

Good luck with the rest of the puzzles in Scorn, and if you need any more help, we've got puzzle solutions for Act 3, along with an Act 5 boss guide as well!

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