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How to solve the maze puzzle in Scorn Act 4

The exact solution to this Act 4 puzzle.

After finding and activating the three mazes in Act 4 of Scorn, you'll need to head back to the main hub room and solve the maze puzzle to finish the chapter.

It may seem impossible at first, but as with every puzzle in Scorn, once you figure out its trick, the maze puzzle won't take too long to solve.

If you ever get a bug or glitch that stops your progress while exploring or trying to input this maze puzzle solution in Act 4 of Scorn, you can pause the game and reload from the beginning of the act, or quit and enter the game again to access your latest autosave.

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Where to find second maze in Scorn Act 4

If you only have one or two mazes in the main hub room where you attempt to solve the maze puzzle, you won't be able to complete it - you need to find all three mazes in Act 4 before you can even truly start to work out the maze puzzle.

Each maze is located by finding the mechanisms that blast holes in the side of the giant creature in Act 4, then entering the holes and sending the additional mazes up into the main hub room.

The first mechanism is located on your way to the first maze, so it can't be missed. When you find it, activate the panel in front of it to send it into the main hub room.

You eventually find yourself inside the main structure of Act 4, with multiple paths to explore. Take the upper left-hand path to find the mechanism that blasts the second hole in the creature, revealing the entrance to activate the second maze.

To get to this hole, go back to the entrance of the structure and go straight ahead and into the main hub room, which should contain one of the mazes at this point. Take the lower-centre path in this room and pick up the shotgun-like weapon ahead, then turn around and take the left path until you find the device that gives your key an extra light. Be careful, as there are lots of enemies ahead.

Go back to the door under this key station, the one with the lights, and you'll find yourself back to where you blasted the second hole in the creature. Head back to the entrance of the structure and use your new key on the door on the lower left-hand path.

The device that gives your key another light, and the second door you need to use it on.

Enter the only door on the right to locate the second maze and activate the device in front of it to send it up into the main hub room.

Where to find third maze in Scorn Act 4

Go back to where you found the shotgun-like weapon, on the lower path from the main hub room, and open up the door to the left with your light key.

Take a left across from where you found the shotgun-like weapon.

Take the lift up, then switch to the first weapon you got in Scorn, the one that punctures things, and use it on the device in front of the lift. You've now got a shortcut back to the entrance of the structure.

Turn around after opening the shortcut and take the lift at the end of the corridor up - but be careful! There's one of the large enemies ahead. Either give it the run around or use your shotgun-like weapon to kill it.

You'll find the third and final device needed to blast a hole in the creature ahead. Activate it, then run back to the lift, as there's two large enemies in this area.

This third hole and maze is located just behind the lift in front of the shortcut you created. Go into it and activate the mechanism in front of the final maze, then go back and use the shortcut to make your way back to the main hub room, which should now have all three mazes in the centre of the room, and you can finally start to solve the maze puzzle!

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How to solve the maze puzzle in Scorn Act 4

The reason you need all three mazes in order to solve the maze puzzle in Act 4 of Scorn is because when you move the white ball in one maze, you're actually moving the ball for all three mazes, regardless if it has something blocking its way out of your sight.

You'll need to move the white ball towards the centre in one maze, and when you can't move it any more, swap over to another maze and move the white ball further to the centre through it, and then switch again when you can't get any further, and so on until the white ball reaches the red spot in the centre.

For an exact solution, here's pictures showing how to solve the maze puzzle in Scorn:

Maze puzzle Step 1

Maze puzzle Step 2

Maze puzzle Step 3

Maze puzzle Step 4

Maze puzzle Step 5

Maze puzzle Step 6

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