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Pokémon Legends Arceus walkthrough and guide: All main Arceus missions and objectives listed

Our walkthrough for Legends: Arceus on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch breaks from the traditional Pokémon gameplay structure to give you an experience more akin to Monster Hunter.

In Legends: Arceus, you take on the role of a recent settler of the Hisui region - later known as the Sinnoh region - and join the Galaxy Expedition Team's Survey Corps. As a Surveyor, your mission is to research wild Pokémon with the ultimate goal of creating the region's first Pokédex.

Our Pokémon Legends: Arceus walkthrough lists all of the Missions, along with their associated objectives, you must complete throughout the main campaign. There are also links to our other Legends: Arceus guides and, if you're not sure if the game is for you, check out our Pokémon Legends: Arceus review.

We also have a selection of Pokémon Legends Arceus tips at the end of this page if you would rather not delve into the story yet. That said, one choice you know coming is picking a starter, and we can help with that too.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus walkthrough

Pokémon Legends: Arceus' main campaign is divided into a series of Missions, each with their own objectives, which you must complete in a linear order. Missions will naturally start when you've completed the previous one, but you may have to raise your Star Rank with the Galaxy Expedition Team to complete certain objectives.

If you ever need to check your current Mission objective, visit the map view of your Arc Phone and press Y. This will open a list of your current, and past, Missions and Requests; from here you can activate a Mission, so its objective occasionally appears on screen as you play.

As you explore Hisui, you can also complete both Requests and Research Tasks to learn more about the region's Pokémon and assist its residents. You can learn more about both Requests and Research Tasks on their dedicated pages.

Below you'll find our Pokémon Legends: Arceus walkthrough, which is organised by Mission order and the biomes you visit during them. This walkthrough does, however, contain spoilers for the entirety of the game, so proceed at your own risk.

Prelude Beach

  • Investigate Arc Phone.
  • Throwing Poké Ball tutorial - Catch Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlet for Professor Laventon.

Jubilife Village

  • 1 - In an Unfamiliar Land
    • Head to the Wallflower, which serves as the village canteen.
    • Head to the Survey Corps quarters you've been assigned.
    • Sleep until morning in the futon in your quarters.
    • Go to the Galaxy Team headquarters to hear about your trail from Captain Cyllene.
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Jubilife Village and Obsidian Fieldlands

  • 2 - The Galaxy Team's Entry Trial
    • Choose a Pokémon to be your first partner in preparation for your trail. Choose between Cyndaquil, Oshawott or Rowlet.
    • Defeat Volo in battle before departing for the Obsidian Fieldlands - Togepi Level 5.
    • Catch a Bidoof, the first Pokémon species you need for your trail.
    • Catch a Starly, the second Pokémon species you need for your trail.
    • Catch a Shinx, the third Pokémon species you need for your trail.
    • Report to Captain Cyllene about how your trail went.
    • Use the mirror in your quarters to change into your new Survey Corps uniform and Survey Corps sandals.
    • Report to Commander Kamado in his office on the third floor of Galaxy Hall.

You'll obtain the Poké Balls crafting recipe for completing this quest.

Jubilife Village

  • 3 - The Basics of Crafting
    • Visit the craftworks to learn how to craft items.
    • Use the workbench to make one or more Poké Balls.

You'll receive the Pokédex and various characters across the Hisui region will have Requests for you upon completing this mission.

Obsidian Fieldlands and Jubilife Village

  • 4 - Getting to Work on Research Tasks
    • Head to the Obsidian Fieldlands and speak to Professor Laventon about research tasks.
    • Follow Akari / Rei to learn some tips for carrying out research tasks.
    • Report your search tasks to Professor Laventon and earn a sufficient number of Pokémon research points.
    • Let Captain Cyllene know that you've earned enough Pokémon research points to move up to the next Star Rank.

Akari / Rei will give you the Crafting Kit once you've listened to all of their tips.

Jubilife Village and Obsidian Fieldlands

  • 5 - A Request from Mai
    • Meet Akrai / Rei at the training grounds.
    • Defeat Akrai / Rei - Pikachu Level 9.
    • Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands to meet Mai of the Diamond Clan.
    • Defeat Mai - Munchlax Level 10.
    • Make your way to Deertrack Heights, where an alpha Pokémon is causing trouble.
    • Defeat Alpha Kricketune Level 12.

Jubilife Village

  • 6 - Summoned by Commander Kamado
    • Report to the commander's office in Galaxy Hall.

Jubilife Village and Obsidian Fieldlands

  • 7 - The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods
    • Report to your captain in her office to learn more about your next mission.
    • Find your way to Grandtree Arena to speak with Lian and get information on Kleavor.
    • Defeat Lain - Goomy Level 15.
    • Head to a base camp and report what you've learned to Professor Laventon.
    • Work with Lian and Irida to make "Teatime Balls" from Kleavor's favourite food.
    • Defeat Irida - Glaceon Level 17.
    • Quell the frenzy of Kleavor, Lord of the Woods, at Grandtree Arena - Level 18.
    • Report to Commander Kamado that you have accomplished your mission.

During the above Mission, you'll receive the Celestica Flute to summon Mount Pokémon and unlock the ability to ride Wyrdeer. You will also receive the Smoke Bomb crafting recipe upon completing this mission.

Finally, when you return to your room for the night, you'll be met by Vessa. She will give you the Odd Keystone, starting Request 22 - Eerie Apparitions in the Night, and your hunt for all 107 wisps.

Jubilife Village and Crimson Mirelands

  • 8 - Arezu's Predicament
    • Follow Arezu to the commander's office.
    • Complete enough research tasks to reach the rank of Second Star Rank - if not done so already.
    • Defeat Akrai / Rei when attempting to leave for the Crimson Mirelands - Mime Jr. at Level 19 and Pikachu at Level 20.
    • Head to the Solaceon Ruins, found in the Crimson Mirelands, to meet Calaba.
    • Defeat Volo - Togepi at Level 22 and Gible at Level 22.
    • Track down the shady bandits to reclaim the Wall Fragment they stole.
    • Defeat Bandit Coin - Toxicroak at Level 23.
    • Return to the Solaceon Ruins to tell Volo that you've retrieved the Wall Fragment.
    • Give the Wall Fragment to Calaba inside the Solaceon Ruins.
    • Head to Sludge Mound to find Ursaluna.
    • Defeat Ursaluna - Level 26.
    • Report to Commander Kamado to share what you learned about Ursaluna.
    • Ride on Ursaluna and follow the blue signals to sniff out Arezu in the Crimson Mirelands.
    • Quell the frenzy of Lilligant, the Lady of the Ridge, at Braca Arena - Level 30.
    • Report to Commander Kamado that you have accomplished your mission.

The Space-Time Distortions will start appearing upon entering the Crimson Mirelands for the first time.

After unlocking Ursaluna as a Mount Pokémon, Professor Laventon will give you the Unown Research Notes.

Jubilife Village

  • 9 - A New Mission
    • Go to the commander's office in Galaxy Hall to learn about your next mission.

Cobalt Coastlands and Jubilife Village

  • 10 - The Lordless Island
    • Complete enough research tasks to reach the rank of Third Star Rank - if not done so already.
    • Head to the Cobalt Coastlands and speak with Irida there.
    • Defeat Irida - Glaceon Level 30 and Eevee Level 15.
    • Head to Veilstone Cape to speak with Palina of the Pearl Clan.
    • Find the home of Iscan, a Diamond Clan warden, on Aipom Hill.
    • Obtain a Dusclops, which can be found around Deadwood Haunt during the night, and take it with you to Ican's home.
    • Go to Ginkgo Landing to call Basculegion.
    • Ride on Bascuelgion to follow the bandits across the water to Firespit Island.
    • Take back the Growlithe that the Miss Fortune sisters stole.
    • Defeat Bandit Clover - Abomasnow Level 35.
    • Defeat Bandit Coin - Toxicroak Level 34.
    • Defeat Bandit Charm - Rhydon Level 34 and Gengar Level 35.
    • Quell the frenzy of Arcanine, the Lord of the Isles, at Molten Arena - Level 36.
    • Report to Commander Kamado that you have accomplished your mission.

During this Mission, Bascuelgion will become one of your Mount Pokémon.

Jubilife Village and Coronet Highlands

  • 11 - Scaling Perilous Heights
    • Battle Adaman to demonstrate what you're capable of - Leafeon Level 36 and Eevee Level 18.
    • Complete enough research tasks to reach the rank of Fourth Star Rank - if not done so already.
    • Head to the Jubilife Village training grounds to meet Ingo of the Pearl Clan.
    • Head to the Coronet Highlands for your next mission.
    • Make your way up the mountain with Ingo.
    • Go inside Wayward Cave.
    • Pass through Wayward Cave to continue your journey up the mountain.
    • Make your way up the mountain with Ingo.
    • Defeat Melli - Skuntank Level 40.
    • Pass through the Ancient Quarry to continue your journey up the mountain.
    • Make your way up the mountain with Ingo.
    • Defeat Ingo - Machoke Level 41, Gliscor Level 42 and Tangela Level 41.
    • Scale the cliffs with Sneasler's help to reach Moonview Arena.
    • Defeat Melli - Skuntank Level 44, Zubat Level 22 and Skorupi Level 22.
    • Quell the frenzy of Electrode, the Lord of the Hollow, at Moonview Arena - Level 46.
    • Report to Commander Kamado that you have accomplished your mission.

You unlock Sneasler as a Mount Pokémon during the above Mission.

Jubilife Village and Alabaster Icelands

  • 12 - The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra
    • Complete enough research tasks to reach the rank of Fifth Star Rank - if not done so already.
    • Defeat Akari / Rei when attempting to leave for the Alabaster Icelands - Mr. Mime Level 46, Staravia Level 46 and Pikachu Level 47.
    • Head to the Alabaster Icelands.
    • Go to meet Gaeric of the Pearl Clan.
    • Defeat Gaeric - Glalie Level 48 and Froslass Level 24.
    • Speak with Sabi of the Diamond Clan.
    • Catch up to Sabi.
    • Make your way to the top floor of Snowpoint Temple.
    • Defeat Sabi - Rhyperior Level 50, Electivire Level 30 and Magmortar Level 30.
    • Defeat Braviary on the roof of Snowpoint Temple - Level 54.
    • Glide with Braviary to land atop Avalugg's Legacy and obtain a piece of Eternal Ice.
    • Make your way to Icepeak Arena.
    • Quell the frenzy of Avalugg, the Lord of the Tundra, at Icepeak Arena - Level 56.
    • Report to Commander Kamado that you have accomplished your mission.

Braviary will be added to your Mount Pokémon collection once you defeat it in the above Mission.

Jubilife Village, Obsidian Fieldlands and Ancient Retreat

  • 13 - Disaster Looming
    • Go outside and see what's happening.
    • Seek out Lian.
    • Seek out Mai.
    • Speak to the person who dwells here at the retreat.
    • Complete the trails of the three lakes.
    • Choose whose help you want on the path ahead: Adaman of the Diamond Clan or Irida of the Pearl Clan.

At this point you can complete three missions - The Trail of Lake Verity, The Trail of Lake Valor and The Trail of Lake Acuity - in any order alongside your chosen clan leader. Your choice in clan leader also decides the order in which you face two legendary Pokémon.

Obsidian Fieldlands

  • 14 - The Trail of Lake Verity
    • Head to Lake Verity, which can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands.
    • Enter the cavern that appeared upon Lake Verity.
    • Battle the Pokémon lurking within Verity Cavern - Alpha Goodra Level 58.
    • Complete Mesprit's trail in Verity Cavern.
    • Return to Mistress Cogita's home - if this is the first or second trail you complete.

Crimson Mirelands

  • 15 - The Trail of Lake Valor
    • Head to Lake Valor, which can be found in the Crimson Mirelands.
    • Enter the cavern that appeared upon Lake Valor.
    • Battle the Pokémon lurking with Valor Cavern - Alpha Overqwil Level 58.
    • Try to hit Azelf with balms.
    • Don't give up - keep trying to hit Azelf with balms.
    • Keep trying to hit Azelf with balms.
    • Return to Mistress Cogita's home - if this is the first or second trail you complete.

Alabaster Icelands

  • 16 - The Trial of Lake Acuity
    • Head to Lake Acuity, which can be found in the Alabaster Icelands.
    • Enter the cavern that appeared upon Lake Acuity.
    • Battle the Pokémon lurking within Acuity Cavern - Alpha Zoroark Level 58.
    • Complete Uxie's trail in Acuity Cavern.
    • Return to Mistress Cogita's home - if this is the first or second trail you complete.

Jubilife Village and Coronet Highlands

  • 17 - Atop Mount Coronet
    • Head to Mount Coronet's peak in pursuit of Commander Kamado.
    • Defeat Beni - Mismagius Level 59, Sneasler Level 59, Gallade Level 60 and Gardevoir Level 60.
    • Talk sense into Commander Kamado at Mount Coronet's peak.
    • Defeat Commander Kamado - Braviary Level 61, Snorlax Level 62, Clefable Level 61 and Golem Level 61.
    • Bring the Red Chain to the dais in the Temple of Sinnoh.
    • Battle and catch Palkia / Dialga - Level 65.

Coronet Highlands

  • 18 - The Counterpart
    • Head for the place where you can obtain Origin Ore.
    • Battle Bandit Charm - Rhydon Level 61 and Gengar Level 62.
    • Report back to Professor Laventon with the Origin Ore.
    • Prepare well, then make for the temple of Sinnoh once more.
    • Quell the frenzy, battle and catch Dialga / Palkia Level 65.

Congratulations - you've completed the main campaign for Pokémon Legends: Arceus!

Now you can enjoy the post-game, starting with the next mission - A New Day Dawns.

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Tips and tricks for Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Here are some tips which will help you make the most out of your adventure across the Hisui region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus:

  • Always be on the lookout for new Pokémon! Whether it's in the sky, amongst the ocean waves or simply hidden in a forest - Pokémon are everywhere in Legends: Arceus and, if you forget to look up, you might just miss one.
  • Experiment with different types of Poké Balls. Each Poké Ball type in Legends: Arceus has a specific advantage, such as Feather Balls being ideal for catching flying Pokémon. Learning these advantages and experimenting with different Poké Balls will help you catch them all.
  • Can't find a certain Pokémon? Try going to sleep. Certain Pokémon only appear during the day or become easier to catch when they're asleep at night. By going to sleep, you can quickly jump to a specific time of day and, hopefully, find the Pokémon you're looking for.
  • Return to previous locations to fully explore them with Mount Pokémon. As you journey through Hisui, you'll unlock new Mount Pokémon which will allow you to traverse the wilderness. This means you can return to previous locations and use them to reach areas you might not have been able to reach otherwise.
  • Keep track of your Pokémon Research Points. Collecting these points allows you to reach the next Star Rank, which will unlock new items, so make sure you keep an eye on them!
  • Pick up crafting materials whenever you see them. From berries and apricorns to Medical Leeks and Tumblestones, Hisui is full of useful items for crafting. It's a good idea to gather these items when you see them, so you're never short on crafting materials.
  • Upgrade your bag. You can only carry a certain number of items with you, so, when you have the spare cash, make sure you invest into upgrading your bag. This way you'll be able to gather more items out in the wilds of Hisui.
  • Remember to complete Requests. Many Requests offer a small reward for completion, but others will upgrade the facilities in Jubilife Village, such as the local shop or farm. These facilities can be incredibly useful in your journey, so make sure you take the time to improve them.
  • Set up new base camps. As you explore the Hisui region, you'll be able to assist the Galaxy Expedition Team in building new base camps. Doing so will provide you with greater access to the base camp facilities, such as your item storage, and a new fast travel spot.
  • Never be afraid to run away from an Alpha Pokémon. These creatures, especially in the early game, can easily knock out both your team and yourself, so, if you don't want to lose any of your items, be prepared for a hasty exit.
  • Watch where you stand. Any Pokémon can harm you and, if you're careful during a battle, you might get hit by one of their attacks.
  • Gather lost satchels. If a player does faint in Legends: Arceus, then they will leave behind a satchel where they fell. You can gather these satchels and, in doing so, earn Merit Points, which can be exchanged for useful items.

Good luck in the Hisui region!

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