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Pokémon Day 2023: The best Pokémon game deals

Here are the best deals on Pokémon games and bundles during Pokémon Day 2023.

Today, 27th February 2023, is Pokémon Day! A day for all fans to come together and celebrate the iconic pocket monsters franchise that was founded back in 1996 by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.

To mark the occasion, various events are held around the world, including announcements about new games, events and updates to all aspects of the franchise. There was also a Pokémon Presents presentation on the official Pokémon YouTube channel earlier today, announcing the new Pokémon Sleep game as well as new content for Violet and Scarlet.

If you're a fan of the Pokémon games, then there are some discounts available at the moment to help you fill out your collection of Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch, or get yourself a Switch Console with a Pokémon game to kick off your collection.

Here are the best Pokémon game deals for Pokémon Day 2023:


If you don't have a Nintendo Switch, then you can get a Neon Console bundled with Pokémon Scarlet for £299 at Currys to start your new Pokémon adventures.

Or if you wanted to really show off your love of Pokémon, you can play all the latest Pokémon games on the Limited Edition Scarlet and Violet Switch OLED console, which is currently available at Amazon for £320:


Hopefully this has helped you find a way to fill out your Pokémon game collection and save a bit of money doing so. If you're also a fan of the Pokémon trading card game, we've also covered some of the best Pokémon card deals for Pokémon Day 2023 over on Dicebreaker, so head over there to see what's on offer.

For any future news and deals on Pokémon games, cards, accessories and more, be sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account.