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Request 66 'The Sea's Legend' and how to get Manaphy in Pokémon Legends Arceus

How to complete one of the longer - and more rewarding - requests in the game.

The Sea's Legend is one of the requests available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

It's Request 66, and Professor Laventon asks you to find an ocean Pokémon that he thinks might be associated with a mysterious legend.

This is one of the longer and more involved requests in the game - requiring you obtain several Pokémon along the way, such as the new Pokémon Overqwil. We explain how to get these, the remaining quest steps, and finally, the The Sea's Legend reward - Manaphy. (It's a good one!)

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How to start Request 66 'The Sea's Legend' in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Request 66 will appear on the blackboard as you progress through the main story of the game. It may require you reach the end credits first, as this is quite a late-game request. Once you've accepted it from the blackboard, Professor Laventon will immediately speak to you.

Laventon will tell you that he saw a mysterious Pokémon while on Prelude Beach. He says that he thinks the ocean currents must have taken it out to the Cobalt Coastlands.

Warden Iscan will then appear and say that there isn't much to go on, but that long ago the Cobalt Coastlands used to be known as the East Sea, and was home to a "princely" Pokémon. The story of the princely Pokémon was written down in a book, but no one seems to know where the book is.

This is actually an Easter Egg that links Pokémon Legends Arceus with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which is why there aren't many clues to go on in the game's description. You can see this in the following video:

Exploring lore in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl's Canalave Library

So with that in mind, what do we do next?

How to obtain the Pokémon you need for 'The Sea's Legend'

Based on the legend that can be found in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will need to obtain a Buizel, a Mantyke, and an Overqwil for this request.

Buizel can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands, specifically in the Horseshoe Plains, Windswept Run, and Worn Bridge areas. They can also be found at a higher level in the Cobalt Coastlands, specifically on Aipom Hill and near the Bathers' Lagoon.

They appear at all times of the day and night, so it should be straightforward to catch one.

Mantyke can be found in the Cobalt Coastline, specifically in Ginkgo Landing and Tranquility Cove.

They aren't aggressive or skittish, and they're around at all times, but they do appear and disappear below the waves as they swim along. Sometimes they also jump out of the water, which can be a good moment to throw a Pokeball. You can also leap with Basculegion to slow down time and make aiming a bit easier.

Overqwil is a new Pokémon in Pokémon Legends Arceus. One appears in an alpha form in the main questline, but if you didn't catch that one, it can also be obtained by evolving a Qwilfish.

Qwilfish can be found in the Cobalt Coastlands, in the Tranquility Cove, Lunker's Lair, and Islespy Shore areas. They can also be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands, in the waters around Ramanas Island. They can be found at any time. They are aggressive, so you'll probably need to get into a fight in order to catch one.

Once you have a Qwilfish, make sure that it knows the move Barb Barrage. You might need to teach this from the menu if it's not automatically assigned. You'll also need to make sure it's mastered.

You can do this just by levelling up your Qwilfish, or you can give a Seed of Mastery to Zisu at the Training Grounds. Seeds of Mastery are dropped by certain Pokémon when caught or beaten, although they are quite rare.

Once Barb Barrage is mastered, you'll need to use it in Strong Style 20 times. Then Qwilfish will be ready to evolve into Overqwil. You can do this from the menu.

How to complete Request 66 'The Sea's Legend' and get Manaphy

Once you have a Buizel, a Mantyke, and an Overqwil, put all of them into your party and head for the Cobalt Coastline. It will need to be evening. Head to the "middle finger" of the hand-shaped Sand's Ridge, where two giant rock spikes rising out of the ocean form a kind of gate.

In the evening, use Basculegion and swim through this gate. If you did everything right, there will be a short dialogue saying "You heard something that sounded like a cry and a boulder shifting in the distance".

This is the cave Seaside Hollow opening, towards the north of the map.

Enter the cave to find a Manaphy and several Phione. They'll be spinning around at first, and you'll have to hit them twice to trigger the fight. After doing so, you'll enter a 4 vs 1 battle. The Phione are level 35 and the Manaphy is level 50.

You can defeat the Phione if you want, but be sure to catch the Manaphy so that you can show it to Professor Laventon. If all your Pokémon faint, you'll be able to leave the cave and return with new Pokémon and supplies. Some of the defeated Phione will also respawn.

Our Pokémon Legends Arceus walkthrough will help you pick a starter Pokémon and win the Kleavor boss fight. You’re also tasked with filling the Hisui Pokédex by obtaining new evolutions like Kleavor by evolving Scyther, Wyrdeer by evolving Stantler, Sneasler by evolving Hisui Sneasel and Overquil by evolving Hisui Qwilfish. There’s a host of new evolution methods, including ones for the Eevee evolutions. Take the time to complete Requests too, such as The Sea’s Legend, Wurmple’s Evolved! and finding the Wisp locations. Don’t forget to track down every Unown location too.

Pokémon Legends Arceus The Sea's Legend reward

Once you've captured Manaphy, return to Professor Laventon at any of the camps or back in the Galaxy Hall.

He'll be pleased that the mystery is solved and reward you with three Comet Shards. These will be deposited in your item storage if there isn't enough space in your satchel.

Comet Shards are incredibly valuable items that can be sold to vendors for 15,000 Pokébucks.

Here's how to complete other requests in Arceus:

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