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Pokémon Go Let’s GO! quest steps and rewards

How to complete the Season of Rising Heroes seasonal quest.

Let’s GO! is the seasonal special research quest for the Season of Rising Heroes in Pokémon Go.

Released at the beginning of the Let’s Go event in Pokémon Go, you have until Thursday 1st June at 10am (local time) to unlock this research quest. Once Let’s GO! is unlocked, however, you can complete it whenever you like.

All of the Let's Go! quest steps are now available and, below, you'll find them all listed along with the quest's rewards.

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'Let’s GO!' quest steps in Pokémon Go

Below you’ll find the quest steps for Let’s GO! in Pokémon Go, alongside the rewards for this quest.

To unlock this special research quest, you need to play Pokémon Go at least once before Thursday, 1st June at 10am (local time). If you miss this deadline, then you won’t be able to access Let’s GO!.

Once you’ve unlocked Let’s GO! you’ll be able to complete all of the quest steps which are currently available at your own pace. All of the quest steps are now available in Pokémon Go, so you can properly complete the quest.

Venture below carefully - this section contains spoilers!

Thank you redwineandbeer from reddit for the help with this information!

'Let’s GO!' Step 1 of 6

  • Catch 10 Pokémon - 5 Poké Balls
  • Make 10 Curveball Throws - 5 Razz Berries
  • Power up Pokémon 5 times - 1000 Stardust

Rewards: 1500 XP and a Mankey encounter.

'Let’s GO!' Step 2 of 6

  • Catch 15 Pokémon - 10 Poké Balls
  • Make 10 Great Throws - 5 Razz Berries
  • Transfer 20 Pokémon - 5 Great Balls

Rewards: 2000 XP and a Meditite encounter.

'Let’s GO!' Step 3 of 6

  • Power up Pokémon 10 times - 10 Great Balls
  • Make 7 Great Throws - 1 Lure Module
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket member (a Grunt) - 3 Revives

Rewards: 2500 XP and a Machoke encounter.

'Let’s GO!' Step 4 of 6 - Released on Monday 22nd May

  • Catch a Pokémon - 500 XP

Rewards: 1000 XP and 1000 Stardust.

'Let’s GO!' Step 5 of 6 - Released on Monday 22nd May

  • Catch 25 Pokémon - 2500 Stardust
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts - 3 Hyper Potions
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws - Galarian Farfetch'd encounter
  • Evolve 5 Pokémon - 2500 Stardust
  • Battle in a Gym 3 times - 5 Revives

Rewards: 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust and a Master Ball

'Let’s GO!' Step 6 of 6 - Released on Monday 22nd May

  • Claim reward - 10 Ultra Balls
  • Claim reward - 2 Silver Pinap Berries
  • Claim reward - 1 Star Piece

Rewards: 3000 XP and 3000 Stardust

Thank you to Amiibofan101 from reddit for the help with the quest steps released on Monday 22nd May.

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How does Let’s GO! work in Pokémon Go?

Let’s GO! is a special research quest in Pokémon Go, which means, unlike aptly named timed research quests, it doesn’t have a deadline and you can complete it whenever you like.

To access Let’s GO!, however, you must unlock it by logging into Pokémon Go before Thursday, 1st June at 10am (local time). After doing so, you’ll be prompted to begin the quest and, from this point onwards, you can work your way through the quest steps.

It’s important to note that, due to being the Season of Rising Heroes seasonal quest, not all of the Let’s GO! quest steps were available when it was released. Instead, the missing steps will be added later on in the Season of Rising Heroes, so, if this is the case for you, it's simply a matter of waiting.

Outside of this, Let’s GO! works exactly like any other special research quest; you complete it by finishing the challenges in each step and collecting the rewards for that step before moving onto the next.

Good luck completing Let’s GO! in Pokémon Go!

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