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Pokémon Center London's Beefeater Pikachu and Roserade will make you feel like royalty

Pop-up shop's next exclusive plushies revealed.

Today's Pokémon livestream, gave us a look at the exclusive plushies that'll be sold at London's upcoming Pokémon Center.

The Pokémon Company had already announced the Pokémon Centre pop-up store will be returning to London, but hadn't given away any details on what new Pikachu design will be appearing. Images of the plushies have now been released, via today's Pokémon livestream.

The previous pop-up store in 2018 had Pikachu suited up and topped off with a bowler hat, and was so popular the store ended up having to limit purchases and opening hours in order to cope with demand. This time, Pikachu has an even more iconic London look.

Watch today's new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer.

Pikachu has joined the ranks of the Beefeaters, and anyone visiting the Pokémon Centre pop-up when it's in London will be able to buy one dressed up in a Beefeater's uniform and hat.

Hi-res picture of the Beefeater Pikachu plush.
Beefeater Pikachu in high resolution.

Pikachu is joined by pal Roserade this time, who has an alternative uniform on.

The sneak peek of Beefeater Pikachu from today's Pokémon livestream.
The sneak peek of Beefeater Pikachu in today's Pokémon livestream.

I really want the pair so they can stand guard in my room on my shelving. I don't have prisoners or crown jewels to protect, but I reckon my Isabelle plushie is just as valuable, if not more, than those.

Both will be on sale at ExCeL London from 17th to 21st August. More information on making advance reservations will be announced soon.

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