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Oddworld details

When Munch met the Master Chief.

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Last week the Discovery Channel in the US ran a documentary called X-Factor: Inside Microsoft's Xbox, which delved into the workings of a few companies developing for the black box. Amongst them was Oddworld Inhabitants, whose upcoming Oddworld game on Xbox came under close scrutiny.

According to GameSpot, the programme demonstrated a new, powerful central character, Steef, a crossbow-toting bounty hunter described as a mixture of beasts, including a gorilla, a lion, and Clint Eastwood. Gameplay-wise, the next Oddworld is apparently less puzzle-oriented, and more attuned to fast-paced first and third-person action.

Asked for a comment on the documentary, Oddworld Inhabitants apparently declined, preferring to let the footage speak for itself, but they wouldn't rule out the development team taking another direction before the game is actually "announced".

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