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Stranger's Wrath HD Vita patch pulled, but don't panic

Patch for the patch coming. Save files will be okay.

Just Add Water has pulled the patch it issued for Stranger's Wrath HD on PlayStation Vita after the developer found it was causing an issue with save files.

But don't panic. A patch for the patch that will fix old save files is inbound. And for now, new save files will work fine.

"We've found an issue with the patch where save games are incorrectly reported as corrupted," JAW explained on the Oddworld website.

"We have temporarily pulled the patch while we fix the problem. If you've already installed it, don't panic... new saves created after the patch will work fine, and once we issue a patch for the patch, your old ones will work as well. Sorry for the inconvenience everybody!"

The patch added two new features: online leaderboards and alternative controls without the rear touchpad.

There's also a fix for a bug which caused occasional flickering of sky textures in the game.

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