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Mario Strikers is back in Battle League, coming to Switch this June

Includes 4v4 local multiplayer, plus online play.

Mario Strikers - Nintendo's much-loved, but long-absent football game - is finally making a return on 10th June, in the form of Mario Strikers: Battle League for Switch.

The first series entry, Super Mario Strikers (also known as Mario Smash Football in Europe), initially launched for GameCube all the way back in 2005, foisting a typically Nintendo spin on the beloved sport. If you're unfamiliar with the game, think a Mario Golf or Mario Tennis style makeover - replete with game-changing items and ludicrous special attacks - but 5v5 football action, and you're pretty much there.

A single sequel, known as Mario Strikers Charged, arrived on Wii in 2007 and that was that, meaning its been 15 years since series fans last got their Mario Strikers fix. Battle League's arrival on Switch this June will finally remedy that, however, once again delivering banana-tossing, shell-lobbing football action to a Nintendo console.

Mario Strikers: Battle League - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

In a brief rundown of Battle League's features during tonight's Direct, Nintendo highlighted swappable gear - changing both appearance and stats, including speed, strength, and pass accuracy - alongside local 4v4 multiplayer for up to eight friends, and online matches. There's also a club mode, where a maximum of 20 players can join a club (either making their own or signing up to an existing one) and then working together in a battle for leaderboard supremacy.

Expect more details on Mario Strikers: Battle League as its 10th June release date approaches.

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