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Gotham Knights limited to 30FPS on consoles, won't have performance mode

As more gameplay leaks surface.

Gotham Knights will be limited to 30FPS and not include a performance mode for consoles on its release later this month.

This news was confirmed by Gotham Knights' executive producer Fleur Marty via Discord. Here, Marty explained this was "due to the types of features" included in the game, adding the additional option of a performance mode would not have been "as straightforward as lowering the resolution and getting a higher FPS".

Zoe went hands-on with Gotham Knights.Watch on YouTube

Marty highlighted the game's "highly detailed" open-world setting and its untethered co-op gameplay as two of the reasons the upcoming game does not "have a performance/quality toggle option". She concluded by confirming Gotham Knights will run at 30FPS on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 (the developer previously confirmed it had canned the planned PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game).

Screenshot from the Gotham Knights Discord.

For those playing on PC, however, this will have 60FPS. You can see the minimum specs required for PC in the tweet below.

Meanwhile, following the early release of some copies of Gotham Knights, there have been several cases of gameplay footage being prematurely uploaded online. Much of this footage has already been removed by the developers, but it is worth noting in case you wish to remain spoiler free ahead of the game's official launch later this week.

Here on Eurogamer, our Chris Tapsall had a hands-on preview with Gotham Knights earlier this month. At this point, he described the game's four heroes as "fine".

"It's faint praise, and I'm loath to be too harsh on Gotham Knights when we're still a few weeks away from launch," he elaborated. "But at the moment it's underwhelming, and underwhelming in terms of real substance, rather than technical performance - it looks nice enough and ran without any hiccups while we played over streaming platform Parsec [but] what's missing is a sense of conviction"

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